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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Pulborough Brooks for a wander

I looked over at the field as a group of Fallow Deer ran across... then then formed a group in the middle of the field - very tightly bunched.. don't know what had happened.. something may have scared them..

And my first Dragon of the year: a Female Broad Bodied Chaser..

And I spent a while watching a male Great Spotted Woodpecker feeding his young.  As far as I could tell, there were two young ones.  No sign of the female while I was there.

Lovely to have a walk and a rewarding one too :)

Monday, 25 May 2015

Back home and a visit to Arundel WWT

Got back from a very lovely holiday and another few days with Pete today - I thought NT properties would be very full and opted for Arundel WWT after a visit to Mum and some essential shopping..

Youngsters everywhere... including this coot babe - just the one!!  Mum was attending to the nest..

Underneath the bird feeders were a couple of male Mandarins!

I went into the Reed Bed Hide expecting to see the usual nesting of Swallows and found a very young Wood Pigeon..

Lots of Greylag Geese families about..

and then into another hide where two Swallows perched on posts just in front of the hide.. so obliging of then :D

A parent of young ones, needs their sleep

Some of the young ones..

One of the 'captive' swans bathing.. his partner was looking after their youngsters :D

Asleep in the warmth of the afternoon amonst the daisies!

Up high in a tree... from the song I would say Sedge Warbler... but..

and yet another family of Greylags.

nice end to an excellent holiday..

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Paycockes... in Springtime

I've been to the lovely house and gardens at Paycockes many times but today there was a promise of home baked scones.... but we were tooooo late... all gone in the morning before we got there in the afteroon.. SOB!!

The house has a new layout in the rooms and refreshed information which was great and very interesting.  Only improvement would be a translation of the will.. some parts I couldn't make sense of...

This was in the car park... AND very pink!!

The wisteria looked fab..

Lovely to see the information 'printed' on wool cloth :D

Seems time for a rest in the Book Shop..

Mr Ponders really does approve of this section :)

The garden was looking lovely and very lush..

Enjoying the 'bower'

A croquet duck :)

and he found a friend..

Most enjoyable visit but looks like we'll have to be early to 'catch' a scone!!
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