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Sunday, 1 May 2016

Uppark House and Pulborough Brooks

Debated where to go today.. and finally decided on Uppark House.. I got there early.. the sun and blue skies were glorious!!

Uppark is a georgian house set on top of a hill.. the views from there are glorious.. and you can see as far as the Solent.. the views today were really good.

Decided it was time for 'brunch' so a scone and a cuppa whilst I waited for the Servants Quarters to open.

I had company.. first Mrs. Chaffinch

Then, a braver, Mr. Chaffinch came to inspect what I was eating..

He got close but decided not to stop..

I view of the Stables..

and the steps down to the servants quarters... these were linked to the house by a series of tunnels.. along which everything was taken to the house..

Back 'up top' the Dairy.

and finally the Servants Quarters were open.. so back down into the tunnels again.. no pics though as photography is not permitted anywhere in the house.

I would have to have waiting another hour before the house opened.. so as the sun was shining I headed off in the direction of home and decided to have a wander at Pulborough Brooks.

On arrival saw 2 Hobbies.. saw a White Throat followed by a Nightingale.. all of which were too far off for a decent picture.  Black caps seemingly everywhere .. and then..

wandering back down Adder Alley, at least two Grass Snakes.. there might have been three but difficult to tell as they were in shade..

and on the way back to the visitor centre - a Linnet posed...

Lovely day out in the sunshine.. and tomorrow?.. still deciding..

Saturday, 30 April 2016

West Dean Gardens and House.. and finally Winkworth Arboretum

I'd heard the West Dean Gardens had the house open for 2 days... today being the first.. This, apparently is an annual event and one I've not been aware of before.

Got there early, and had a wander before going into the house... which is amazing..

so after that with the sun shining, Mr Ponders, Billie and I went for a stroll around the gardens..

In the shop... a woolly lamb ..

After a bit to eat, the day still being ok weatherwise, I dropped in to Winkworth Arboretum.. the Bluebells are at their best!! And the Azaleas and almost in full bloom

and one of my fave views from the viewing point

Lovely day and as I drove home... I drove through a hail shower!!
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