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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Box Hill... in the clouds..

Met a friend today and we went for a wander along the top of Box Hill.

The views are magnificent, but today covered in low cloud... at least it had stopped raining after 2 days!!

Loads of volunteers building a set of steps down from the viewpoint.

Looking out over Denbies Vineyard..

Here lies the body of a man buried - head down!!

The Fort..

The Old Fort[edit]

The Old Fort is one of 13 mobilisation centres (known collectively as the London Defence Positions) built in the 1890s to protect London from invasion from continental Europe.[25] The six acre site of the fort was originally purchased by the Ministry of Defence in 1891, and construction began in 1896.[26] Box Hill fort was laid out in the form of an infantry redoubt, typical of the period, but also included magazines for the storage of artillery ammunition.[26] (In common with the majority of the twelve other mobilisation centres, the Box Hill fort was designed for the use of the infantry only and the stored ammunition was intended for the use of mobile field artillery which would be deployed nearby as required.[26]) A reform of defence policy by the Secretary of War Viscount Haldane in 1905 resulted in all 13 centres being declared redundant, and Box Hill Fort was sold back to the estate trustees in 1908.[27]
The building cannot be entered by visitors. It is inhabited by bats, which are protected species in the UK.[27]

Broadwoods Folly

A tree has grown up in the middle of the folly..

The advantages of having a swivel screen on the camera....

Down in the valley, Juniper Hall

A tree root providing a natural 'sculpture'

We had a snack in the cafe at the top.  Few choices of sandwiches left as they'd been very busy.  Mine was cheese and pickle, very nice but expensive IMHO!!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Just popped in to Warnham doing some shopping..

Need to go to Tesco's this afternoon so went via Warnham LNR.  It had actually stopped raining.

See a fly-by Kingsfisher down the length of the lake which was good.  Coal Tit coming to the feeders and a Long-tailed Tit above the Heron Hide together with a Chiffchaff.  Blue & Great Tits, and Green & Goldfinches with a few Chaffinches as well.  The usual Mallards and Pheasants under the feeders.  And over in a tree on the far side of the lake, 3 female Mandarins..  :)

And showing well, was Glen a fellow birder who I'd 'met' on Facebook together with his family.  Good to put a face to the name, Glen...

The two Grebe families were all present and correct - 1 family of 2 adults plus 3 young, and the other lone Adult with 1 young.

Just a few today:

Monday, 25 August 2014

A rather wet quick walk around Nymans Gardens in the rain.

I needed to go to somewhere near Nymans today so, despite the continuous rain I decided to pay a visit.

I'm sure the rain got heavier, but despite this I donned waterproofs added my brolly and camera and when for a wander.  I hardly saw another soul - so disappointing for an Bank Holiday Monday and all the organisations expecting lots of visitors today...

Despite the grey sky and wet, the herbaceous borders looked amazingly colourful as usual.

There are just a few rooms open in the house given the fire that destroyed most of it some years ago.  But it was good to have a brief respite from the rain.

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