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Sunday, 23 April 2017

A wander into town via the local Park..

I can get into my nearest biggish town by train and bus.. I have yet to explore the buses but will do over the next few days,

On the train

When I went into town a couple of days ago, I too a different route in from the station and discovered the Park.

Lots going on .. and it was much larger than anticipated.  Apart from the swimming pools and activity/leisure centre, there were organised activities for children... the park was so large you hardly noticed them

 Then found another smaller garden withing the main garden. the Human Nature Garden... very peaceful..

The Shepherd and his sheep

The Entrance gates...

and out of the park and into the town...

and lunch before coming home

Pleasant wander although the light wasn't very good.. but at least got some exercise..

Friday, 21 April 2017

Wakehurst Place.. sunshine and blue sky

Friends of mine are on holiday in Sussex and very nobly offered to take me out for the day as I still can't drive.  The forecast was for light cloud.. so we were delighted with blue skies and sunshine.. for the majority of our visit.

En route there was a buzzard sitting on a heap of earth where new houses were being built; and when at Wakehurst, a Red Kite entertained us flying high above!

We arrived at Wakehurst Gardens as it opened.. and very few people about initially... great stuff..  We had tickets to go down into the Loder Valley and the bird hides.. but it was going to take some time to get there and back so we elected to stay in the gardens.

So off through the gardens.

Trev taking pics.. the colours of the Rhododendrons and Azaleas were stunning

Debbie enjoying her surroundings and the peace and calm ....

Ponders found some friends


Bluebells in the woods.. just wondrful..

Some interesting wood carvings...

Where some, fitted better than others...

  We came back to the cafe for some  lunch..

and then went for a further wander around the gardens..

Ponders decided to have a rest with a cousin....

Amazing ancient Yew Tree that had been pollarded to try to save it.. 1630 it was planted which preceded the completion of the house being built by 30 years!!

The Himalayan Glade

 And finally time to go home.  My very grateful thanks to Trev and Debbie for sharing a day of their holiday with me - it was a great day out.

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