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Saturday, 1 October 2011

London Wetland Centre in October heat!

Summer heat in October!! It's reported as being the hottest October day since records began... and I can well believe it. Whilst it's wonderful to see the constant sunshine the heat is a tadge too much at times...

Went over to Barnes this morning. Even the birds were hiding in the warmth of the day. But the light was good and the water very still... as were most of the birds and dragons.

Three Snipe... pity they weren't nearer..

A small flock of Long-tailed tits came through.

The water was very still as there was no breeze at all today; birds were all standing about and/or preening in the morning heat.. but the reflections in the still water were interesting.

Several dragons about... mostly in flight though

Undercarriage down... coming in to land.

Just two of these; there were about 7/8 at one time.

"Now - what's that under there...." hmmm

and against the sun... a Little Grebe - one of two..

It was cool in the hide but once outside... phew!! Home I came...


Wilma said...

Was that a lapwing with its wings spread just before the dragon photo? The iridescence on the feathers is gorgeous. You have some wonderful shots today.


Tricia said...

Hi Wilma and thank you... yes, you're quite correct it is a lapwing. The light was excellent for photography today and makes such a difference. Even the seemingly black and white magpies were showing the greens/blues in their feathers too.

Glo said...

The news of your hot weather has reached across the pond...tempting me to catch a flight! The bird reflections, especially the first heron photo, in the still water is just beautiful. Lovely blue sky background as well. Soak up the Vitamin D while you have the chance :)

Roy said...

Great reflections on the Heron shots Tricia.
I can count four Snipe, was that a test to see if we were paying attention.{:)

Tricia said...

Hi Glo... wow it must be noteworth our weather, then!! lol And thank you for your kind comments; it's jut a bit too hot around mid-day but earlier in the morning is lovely.

Roy - I wasn't sure but I am now. You can clearly see the fourth on on the right-hand side. Thanks for that!! And of course, it was a test which you passed with flying colours :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Tricia.

Well once again treated to another
lesson on wildlife photography.
The sunbathing open winged Lapwing is a true lesson on how to capture
your photo!!
It should grace the front cover of
any birding mag. Love the Heron too.
The Dragons too are superb photos


Midmarsh John said...

A brilliant series of shots. It certainly made a change to have strong sunlight lower in the sky.

oldcrow61 said...

I've been hearing about your unusually hot weather on our news shows. Wonderful shots here Tricia.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it a scorcher?!!

Some nice images - but LTTs again!!! Arghhh!!!!

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