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Friday, 24 February 2012

Hatfield Forest has Grebes!

Had a wander around the lake at Hatfield Forest today - the sun was shining and it felt incredibly warm.  It was lovely to walk without having to wear gloves and a thick coat.

The usual suspects were about in terms of water fowl.  I Green Woodie yaffled and later I heard drumming.  As I arrived I noticed one Great Crested Grebe. then another and they were obviously a pair.  A single grebe soon turned this into a menage a trois!

Further along the lake there were two more.  The two pairs indulged in some head waggling and I hoped there would be a weed dance to follow... but not today.

Various Canada and Greylag geese were about the several Mallard... the latter looked glorious in the sunshine!

And an interloper - a Barnacle Goose - must be an escape...

Really lovely to get away from unpacking boxes and enjoy the springlike sunshine :D

1 comment:

Wilma said...

Seems the birds were enjoying the sun, too. Great shots.

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