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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Happy Birthday Mum.... via Shoreham and finally Warnham..

It's Mum's 96th birthday today!! so Happy Birthday Mum.

Given I was going to spend time with her, I left earlier and stopped at a spot on the River Adur, that I'd often passed going towards the Shoreham area.

The wind was very cold and blowing but nice to see what was there... I shall go back when the tide is in!!

Lancing College in the far distance

In this direction in the far distance is Shoreham Airport.

Airport in distance.

Then off to Mum's.

On the way home, decided I was in need of some fresh air, so whilst there was some decent light left I popped into Warnham.

One of the wardens had seen a Tundra Bean Goose out on the Golf Course.. needless to say I hadn't but didn't know about it until I was leaving.

Saw one Great Crested Grebe today but was advised there were 2 there the other day.  Last season there were two breeding pairs so fingers crossed for this year...

So.. a couple of Canada Geese

In the Hide, all the usual suspects but good to see Mrs. Great Spotted Woodpecker enjoy a meal.

At first glance thought the red breast was going to be a robin, but a male chaffinch in full breeding plumage.. quite a handsome chappie!

and on the way out a Robin was in full voice.. I've seen one singing from this tree before.. be nice if he could come down a little lower :D

Nice to stretch my legs for a bit in the sunshine.. albeit a cold day :D


Pete Duxon said...

love the pecker!

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

I spent a freezing day wandering around Shoreham, along a nature reserve devoid of birds and the amazing houseboats.

Have a sneaky fantasy about getting some sort of job at the airport there

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