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Thursday, 26 January 2017

Wisley for flutters and a wander....

RHS Wisley have their annual event of Butterflies in the Glasshouse... arrived as it opened at 10.00 and straight there.. was trying to keep the camera warm in the intense cold to prevent too much misting up once we were in the glass house.

As we arrived.. our meeter and greeter for the day ...

Magnolia buds in bloom...

One of the 'sculptures' around the garden.. they are very good... if only I could afford one!!

Not the easiest of pics to take.... a silver sculpture in front of the glasshouse in poor light.. but the beech hedge helped

and into the Glasshouse

Many 'man made' flutters about..

The light was awful today.. not only made photographing a challenge.. but also meant not many flutters flying.. and mostly hidden within the plants.. but..

Hanging on...

Oooh.. hello.. who have we here ?  :)

Love these.. the wings are transparent.. I have yet to google as to what they are!!

and so to the cafe for a coffee and a quick bite to eat

and then off for a wander in the cold wind!!!

Lovely day out in good company ;) ..


bailey1409 said...

Hi Tricia

Your transparent winged butterfly is probably one of the "glass wing" butterflies. Sorry but I can't be more help.



Tricia Ryder said...

Hi Maurice and thank you.. I did eventually find out what they are .. Wisley produced a fact sheet and they are a Glasswing. .. Greta morgane oto

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