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Monday, 29 October 2018

Warnham Nature Reserve - with a posy Kingfisher

Was going shopping, so put camera in car and went via Warnham..

Transpired it was a good choice today, as the Kingfisher posed nicely for a while.

The sun was bright, which was good, put presented fairly glarey light on the water.. Nonetheless, was good to get some fresh air and great to have the Kingfisher posing!

Six cormorants on or around the Tern raft!

The sheep are still in the wildflower meadow..

and from the Aston hide.. the Kingfisher really showed well..

Great to see Greenfinches back again!

A lazy coot!

Brief appearance of a Wren

Pair of Red Damselflies.. not the best of pics given the cluttered background..

Two Egyptian Geese are visiting

and a diving gull (Herring gull ?? )

Saw 1 Little Grebe.. seems there are 4 about!

Great detour to basic household shopping :)

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