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Thursday, 10 December 2009

Just a few birds....and a little sunshine

I haven't been out and about that much recently mostly due to very wet weather. However, I managed a couple of visits to London Wetland Centre this week. Today was much better in terms of weather than earlier in the week but - the centre is so flooded with water that there aren't many birds about. Those that are (in terms of water fowl) are too far away for pictures.

However, there were one or two that provided some interest. The usual suspects and nothing out of the ordinary, but isn't that what birding's all about?

Reflective Moorhen

Long-tailed Tit "cooooeeee"
Juvenile Great Crested Grebe having a wing stretch..
and auditioning for Strictly Come Dancing me thinks...

Quite a few Chiff-chaffs about, but dashing around and managing to avoid my camera on most occasions..

There's a pair of Little Grebes on the Sheltered Lagoon..

and around on the Wildside, were several little birds, Gold and Greenfinches and Chaffinches.

And this little wren...

who realised it was being watched and..

made its feelings very obvious but gave us a good glimpse of its tail.

On the way out, a Robin was serenading me and..

New buds - a sign of things to come.... :D


Warren Baker said...

Wrens never pose for me Tricia, in any position!

Midmarsh John said...

Well done managing more than one photo of a Wren. Fidgety little so and sos ;)

mick said...

Nice to see photos of what you say are your usual birds - which are certainly not usual for me!! Too bad you are having so much rain - and we are still in drought conditions. A big bushfire started last night and it has dropped ash on us all night by the looks of the roads. Its not all that close - but the smoke is drifting overhead.

Janine said...

Great shots of some quick and flighty little birds. Wren and LTT are hard to capture!

Anonymous said...

The Dabchick and the Wren in particular are really good images Tricia.

holdingmoments said...

Some great pictures to make up for the lousy weather Tricia.
That Grebe is certainly in a strange position. Spot of yoga, maybe?
I still get a surprise whenever I see a Chiffchaff around this time of year. I always associate them with spring.

oldcrow61 said...

That Strictly Come Dancing one is so funny. New Buds!!!...Surely you jest!

Tricia said...

Warren - I'd been watching it for quite a while before finally it stopped for a few seconds...

John - thank you. You're right about being fidgets :)

Mick - thanks. The rain has finally abated apart from the odd shower for the time being. The bush fire doesn't sound nice at all.

Janine - thank you. Wren and LTT require endless patience!

Roy - thank you.

Keith - Lol - could be Yoga, hadn't thought of that :)

There were about 3 chiff chaffs in and around that area and I got to hear, but not see, a Cetti's Warbler.

OC - Lol. I think the buds will stay just that until much later on. But it's encouraging to see them nonetheless!!

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