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Saturday, 13 November 2010

A week ago I went South and found the house I would like to live in!!

Last Saturday I'd arranged to meet up with Pete as he needed to go south of the River!!

We visited a church (Pete's pictures here) in the small village of Clayton in Sussex.. I still haven't mastered indoor photography yet so Pete's pictures can illustrate the church ;)

On our way out we crossed a busy main road, to see what this structure was. Hardly believable but it was a railway bridge and tunnel. I've never seen anything so grand for a railway!

From there we decided to go to Standen House and Gardens. It was a first visit for me although Pete had been before. I was in for a treat!

It is a beautiful house and so intimate and comfortable.

The conservatory was floodlit with sunshine and wonderfully warm... I could easily imagine on a winter's day, retreating with a glass of something nice and a good book with music in the background!! Sigh!

I fell in love with this room!

and a well stock library!

Outside in the lea of the wind, one of the four-legged occupants curled up, dozing on a table.

Wonderful views

and the Acers proclaiming the Autumn colour

Well, if Standen House and gardens is looking for an occupant, I'm first in the queue.

A good day in good company and thanks Pete for the introduction!


NatureStop said...

What a treat your post has been. Beautiful place and lovely images captured.

So long and have a great weekend.


holdingmoments said...

That is one impressive bridge and tunnel!
Nice looking house too. If you get it, and want a lodger........ lol

Wilma said...

The rocking horse is calling me ...

Pete said...

i found it first!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the house Tricia, and all the lovely furniture Oooh for byegone days! they new how to love and cherish wood then, true craftsmen.
What do we get? Ikea Arrrgh!!!
Ooh and the snoozing cat, dont ya just love em.


Anonymous said...

Very nice Tricia, but looks like a hell of a place to keep clean and tidy.{:)

oldcrow61 said...

I could go for that house as well. Great shots. I also love the pictures of all the autumn colours....wonderful!

between-the-lines said...

"What do we get? Ikea Arrrgh!!!"

That's what people want now. My elderly relatives can't sell old wood furniture because no-one appreciates it any longer, they just want cheap throwaway stuff.

Glo said...

A lovely spot ~ inside and out! Thanks for the tour and I'd like to move in, too :)

Tricia said...

Hi Shantana - great to have you here again. Thank you for your kind comments.. it is indeed a lovely place :D

Keith... Amazing bridge isn't it!! You'd be very welcome to come live in my new home... I'll let you know when I'm moving in ;)

Wilma - it's rather a beauty isn't it!

Pete... yes you did - and it has loads of rooms :D

Paul - they definitely had the skills and knowledge to look after wood.. such a great medium to work with.

Roy... If I lived there, I think I could afford to have assistance with the cleaning don't you!! lol

OC - come and join me?

Between-the-lines... yes; Ikea indeed! I love wood.. the smell and feel of it. It's alive as far as I'm concerned!

And many thanks for visiting and leaving your welcome comment!

Glo - oh do please come and join us - with all the new occupants we could party every day :D

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