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Saturday, 27 November 2010

What a strange week for birds!

It's been a funny old week. The temperatures have dropped significantly and frost is about most mornings now.

Had a walk in Bushy Park and was pleased to see the Chiloe Wigeon is back on the pond again this winter!

The Beech trees shone golden in the sunlight

and a male Mandarin duck looked for food amongst the fallen pine needles of the Swamp Cyprus

Out on the boating pond later in the afternoon, the low sunlight lit this Tufy..

and Black-headed Gulls stood about on the frozen surface

and another winter returner - Punk!!
(the cross of Tufty and Red-crested Pochard)

On another day, a trip over to Painshill Park to see if the Fieldfares and Redwings were about. The light was much better this time!

This young cygnet was literally pushing its way through the frozen water, encouraged by Dad!

And a brief glimpse of a Fieldfare (one of many) as it foraged for berries about 20 feet up in the Yew tree!

On the same day and as the sun was going down, a trip over to Bushy again. The light was wonderful

(these few pictures benefit from being seen full view by clicking on the pictures - the light was really good!)

And another trip over to Painshill

and, finally, today Saturday, my usual trip over to Barnes (London Wetland Centre). It was bitterly cold - thermal socks (knee length), thermal lined trousers, thermal shirt, fleece top and weather proof jacket... it was still cold but I was toasty warm for most of the time - not glamorous, - but warm!

Everywhere was frozen and the lack of birds was noticeable.

In the new Wildflower meadow, the frost had finally caused the end of one of the poppies - amazing that they've lasted this long!

And, the saviour of the day, a robin wearing his winter duvet!!


ST said...

some ones having nice weather!

ST said...

Oh and I love the last two pictures.
very similar, yet.......

holdingmoments said...

Lovely selection of pictures Tricia.
'Punk' looks a great mixture; so colourful, but the Robin is the show stealer. Brilliant!

Dominic Gendron said...

What a great diversity odf images. Love the mandarin and the robin ;)

Gary said...

Great walking tour. Boom and Gary.

oldcrow61 said...

I love the Robin in his duvet. Brought a smile to my face. You're pictures are wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Lots of lovely scenes Tricia, its good to see the Punk back.

Anonymous said...

Another set of superb photo's Tricia. I just love that Robin!
Many of those shots could adorn any wildlife/or countryside type mag.


Tricia said...

ST - it was nice at that time but now... and thank you

Keith - Punk is amazing; I shall be keeping my eye on him. And that Robin couldn't have posed better eh

Dominic - nice to see you here: and thank you for your comment and kind words!

Gary - glad you enjoyed the stroll ;)

OC - he's a bit of a character that bird eh and thank you

Roy - yes; glad he's made another year :D

Paul - thank you.. think the Robin has stolen several hearts :D And you're too kind with your comments re pics!!

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