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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Cold but bright - and that was before the Snow!

Earlier in the week I had a walk in Bushy Park; it was bitterly cold and windy but the sun was out and the sky was blue! It wasn't to last though was it!

Didn't realise until I got this pic on the PC that the Black-headed Gull was sporting a ring.

Over in one of the "gardens" a resident mute Swan was preening on the frost covered ground.

The pond was mostly frozen and these two Ring-necked Parakeets seemed desperate to drink. It is very rarely that I've seen Paras on the ground. On the one main previous occasions they were at their roost and coming down onto the water-logged ground for a drink. These two were trying unsuccessfully to drink and just sliding about on the ice instead.

A chance shot as I heard this Mistle Thrush flying over - pointed the camera and at least got something even though not as I would like it to be.

A Young Deer was tugging at this branch in the expectation of a meal.

And - frozen in time - leaves where they fell and were trapped in the ice.


Bob Bushell said...

Those are beautiful birds, especially the Parakeets on ice.

Unknown said...

Great photographs Tricia.

holdingmoments said...

Great selection Tricia.
Never seen a Black-headed Gull with a ring.
Parakeets; lovely shot on the ice, and a great catch of the Mistle Thrush flying.

FAB said...

Skating Parakeets with their long rudders for it.

Midmarsh John said...

It does seem strange to see Parakeets on ice. Nice collection of shots and well done with the Mistle Thrush in flight.

Dominic Gendron said...

Great serie, i really love those Parakeets on ice ;)

Chris said...

Wow these shots of the parakeets on the ice are wonderful, and my favorite there. It is about the same over here, no snow, but low temps and bright skies all the time. it was even -9°C this morning!

Anonymous said...

I love em all Tricia, the Mistle Thrush very good, and of course the Gull in flight is my favourite,
there is an e-mail address for Gulls that are rung, asking for any info on Gull type/location/ring colour/and ring numbers. Ok, back to your pic's, the ring-necks on ice great, also are the leaves and reeds frozen look very good, again a great selection Tricia.


Anonymous said...

Brr. I'm cold just looking at those icy images! Parakeets on ice - is that a TV programme or a drink???!!! ;)

Tricia Ryder said...

Bob - thanks... the paras are very colourful

Costas - thanks as usual :D

Keith - first time I've noticed one. I'll keep my eyes open for others now. And thanks - that mistle thrush was pure luck!

Frank - glad you love it - makes a change from the usual poses eh :D

John - thank you; bit of a varied bunch of shots in this post.

Dominic - thank you... skaters look out!

Chris - thank you. We've had snow since.... nasty and everything's ground to a halt and traffic chaos everywhere!

Paul - thanks - I'll try the email address and see what I can find!

Digi - it's even colder since those were taken and probably worse where you are....

Paras on Ice - a drink I would hope ;) (re the TV programme... a little more graceful than......)

Glo said...

Clear and bright shots of wintry scenes ~ it must be such a challenge for birds when nature serves such a chilling menu! It amazes me just how resilient they are!

ShySongbird said...

Poor Parakeets! They must have been desperate for drinking water, it does worry me this weather that lack of water could be just as much of a threat to the survival of wildlife as lack of food.

Lovely photos, favourite the young Deer I think.

Hope you are managing in this severe weather, we haven't had much snow but bitterly cold temps -11C one morning!

Unknown said...

Super shots especially the parakeets. I've never seen that before. Boom & Gary of The Vermilon River.

oldcrow61 said...

Wonderful shots. I still can't get over the parakeets you have there.

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