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Sunday, 8 May 2011

LWC/Barnes... and all is quiet

Popped over to Barnes on Saturday. Very few people about which from a birding point of view was great. Bumped into some folk that I know which was nice. But it was very quiet for birds. Think we may have seen the Hobby in the distance but other than that.... quiet!!

Three of us stood and watched a pair (at least) of Reed Warblers darting about in and out of the reeds - nest building.

One perched still for a few minutes which enabled a very quick shot!

It had rained in the morning and by now it was warm and humid... even the Mallards just wanted to be lazy on a Sunday.

Wonderful structure of seed head of (I think) the Snakeshead fritillaries which have now gone over.

And the wonderful blue of the Irisis (and they're just going over too)

Came across this pair of Lizards.. hard to believe the difference in size.
The one on the left seems to have an unusally long tail whereas the other seems to have lost some it its!!

It was rather nice to have it quiet as far as humans were concerned. Think everyone was avoiding it because of the earlier rain!


oldcrow61 said...

The iris are beautiful. Mine are just coming up from the ground. I wouldn't mind having a few of those lizards around.

ShySongbird said...

I love it when I go somewhere and don't see anyone else :)

Well done with the Reed Warblers, they are so quick.

I am envious of your Lizard sightings, I never seem to see them anywhere!

Wilma said...

You captured a wonderful moment of the grebe family in your banner photo.

holdingmoments said...

A lovely place to have so close Tricia.
Those Iris's still look stunning.

Roy said...

The Iris is quite beautiful Tricia.

Pete said...

nice shots Trish

Amila said...

Hi, Beautiful birds and flowers! Yours is a truly wonderful wildlife photography blog!

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