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Monday, 2 May 2011

Damselfly (needing ID) and a Hobby

I went over to Barnes today and was glad I did!

Spent a deal of the time watching a magnificent hunting display by a single Hobby. He soared, swept down, caught Hairy Dragonflies and soared high in the sky again. Had one, unsuccessful, attempt at a Sand Martin which escaped!

A wonderful aerial display and much too fast for me or my camera and lens
However, some record shots!

Another entertainment was this beautifully coloured Damselfly. I've poured over my book but cannot ID it.

So - if anyone visiting can - I would be very pleased to know what it is

The poppies have just come into flower with a zing!

And the blue irises too...

A bee was attracted to this one.

This fly looks rather scary (ID needed again please?)

And this gorgeous creature's sheen was dazzling!

We were also entertained by a pair of Marsh Frogs.... but that's for another post


Frank said...

We had Hobby over the garden yesterday but far too high for the lens!
I'm fairly certain the Damsel is a teneral male Blue-tailed.

I might try Barnes on Wednesday when the winds should be lighter.

Picturit said...

Great set love the Hobby and believe the Damsel is indeed a blue tailed as Frank says but think it may be a female.

Chris said...

Nice shots Tricia but I cannot help you with the ID, sorry ;-)

Wilma said...

Great photos, Tricia. The blues are so vibrant and everything looks so alive. You are about 4-6 weeks ahead of us; I am looking forward to seeing our counterparts come out!

Kah-Wai Lin said...

Great flight shots!

holdingmoments said...

Those flowers are a knockout Tricia.
Well done with the Hobby; not seen one here yet.

ST said...

Ischnura elegans - Blue-tailed Damselfly( colour form)

Cut and paste this then see pic at bottom of page.

Little Brown Job said...

I'd be well pleased with those Hobby shots, I think I've seen one once but can't be sure.

Phil Wallace said...

Tricia, those hobby shot are way better than 'record' quality. Very well captured.

Tricia said...

Hi Phil... and many thanks for the kind comment.... I was just pleased to get one or two that were OK... (of the hundreds I deleted ;) )

Anonymous said...

I have said it before, your in flight shot's are good but these are superb! I could not agree more with Phil's comment Tricia.


Tricia said...

Hi Paul - thank you so much.. I was rather chuffed with the acceptable pics... :)

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