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Friday, 3 June 2011

Sussex and Surrey... just a few birds

I was down with Mum during the week and we drove to a local lake.. this is private property but there's a service road where we can park and look out along the lake.

A very proud Mallard Mum with her 5 children

There have been 2 runner ducks on the lake for some years; and they came up to us as soon as we arrived.

There's a family of Great Crested Grebes who now have 3 young. They are a few weeks old and getting bigger so it looks promising for their future.

Today I managed to get to Painshill Park for a couple of hours. It was the afternoon so mostly everything was quiet.

A Black-tailed Skimmer... (originally got it wrong and posted as Broad-bodied chaser... that'll teach me to do things in a rush)
First dragon pic of the year!!

A Canada Goose had a lazy preen in the afternoon heat

and one of the two Goslings was eating grass

And the stars of the park - the two young Great Crested Grebes... still both doing well and really growing up now. You can hear their constant calling before you see them..

Mum and Dad indulging in a little synchronised drinking

In the main, there seems to be 1 adult with 1 youngster..

A Canada Goose arrived!!

And the lilies are starting to flower... they don't last for long but are lovely to see

And that was it! There's road works around the Painshill area in Cobham (new Gas mains)... so it was a slow journey!! But it won't last forever thank goodnes

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tricia

Nice pics,

The Broad-bodied Chaser looks like a Black-tailed Skimmer.



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