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Monday, 27 June 2011

Tropical beaches and a Great Crested Grebe update.

Last week I was down in Sussex and on this day, the sun shone and there was a brief respite from the rain.

I wandered down to the beach - the colours were lovely...

and it was hard to imagine that this was the south coast of England rather than some tropical island (except the shingle gives it away a bit)

Later on that day, I headed off to RSPB Pulborough Brooks. The poppies glowed out in the field

The bee was heading off; just a bit to late for me to capture it..

and as I started my journey, rabbits hopped about.. this one stayed still long enough to pose though

Just outside the visitor centre, sparrows abounded.

Just as you leave the visitor centre to start around the reserve, the view is wonderful.

and further around; black sky threatened

After about the third heavy shower I finally completed my walk but very light on birds today.

And back at home at the weekend, a visit to Painshill Park.
The weather had undergone a huge change and now temperatures had soared into the mid 80s with high humidity. It was hot!!

The two young Great Crested Grebe chicks are really growing up; no sign of Mum or Dad (who I later discovered at the very far end of the lake)

(This is a new variety of Grebe- a Push me/Pull you Grebe)

Really starting to get the more adult plumage

and having a quick dip...

Down at the bottom end was the other pair of Grebe adults. They were still showing signs of courtship despite the lateness of the season. They lost a batch of 4 eggs not many weeks ago.

and given the heat, bathing seemed a great idea!

The two young Mute Swan cygnets stayed close to Mum as they headed off to the shade.

I then decided it was far too hot and the light far too bright so headed off home.
Great to have the tranquillity of Painshill Park for a short while though.


Chris said...

Your poppy shot and the grebes are beautiful Tricia, and nice to see that somebody gets some sun in this world ;-)

holdingmoments said...

That shot of the beach is lovely. Yea, that could pass for a tropical island.

Love the first shot of the poppies, and the Grebes always look good :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Tricia.
Love the Bee pic capture, maybe a tad late, but still a good sense of
movement on the Bee.
Rabbit a lovely pic too.


oldcrow61 said...

The poppies are marvelous. Great shots.

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