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Saturday, 17 September 2011

A long gap since last posting but...a Bushy Park stroll...

I seem to have been missing from bloggo-sphere recently and, more critically, I haven't been catching up on my fellow bloggers' blogs either.. (for which my apologies .....)

I've been rather busy domestically and this is set to continue for another couple of weeks or so... more on that topic in due course.

I have managed one or two quick trips into Bushy Park and this morning was no exception. After a dreadful summer - weatherwise - this last week has been glorious... lots of sunshine and warmth and plenty of it - an Indian Summer perhaps. But as I sit at the 'puter it's now chucking it down with rain... ah well..

On arrival today the first thing I heard was a Mistle Thrush... before I could spot it, it shot off to another tree... great to see it again though.

Just a few pics from my strolls...
A pair of Egyptian Geese which, together with the background, present a very autumnal picture

The Black-headed gulls are returning to the ponds; their winter marking now fully in place.

Pity about the interloper on the right...

The deer were very sleepy..

and the Jackdaws clearly had had a tiff... "not speaking to you...."

Three ducks in a row..

Amazed that these hydrangeas are still blooming..

In the Silver Birch glade an amount of tree felling had been done. All wood left in place making good homes for wildlife.

Someone with imagination has fashioned a couple of seats... just small ones for little people.

On one dead tree, much fungi was to be found..
head on view but...

if you go around to the side... what have we here? some new species of bird/animal perhaps :D

All through the woods it sounded as though it was raining; but it was the many acorns falling from the oak trees. The Jays love these and several dashed about.

and the leaves of this plant are more dramatic than the flower... growing in one of the small streams..

Great to have a break, stretch my legs, see some wildlife and get some fresh air...


holdingmoments said...

Great post Tricia, Certainly plenty to see, and lots of signs of autumn.
The deer are lovely to see.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tricia.

Cracking photos of the Black-headed Gulls.
Must applaud the photo of the Opend wing of the first-winter adult Gull superb shot of wing markings at this age.

Love the other photos too, but you know me and Gulls.


ps. Forgot to add, its moult is from Juv/to 1st winter Adult plumage. Hence complete sharp new feathers, lovely.

Wilma said...

We had a glorious spell of weather too, that sadly ended in the first frost of the season a few days ago. Although the morning started cloudy and chilly, it is now sunny and warm but quite windy. Well - this time of year I will take this kind of weather and be happy with it. Glad to see you are out and about.


Rohrerbot said...

Those Egyptian Geese are really interesting. I've never seen them before.

Roy said...

The Jackdaws, what a great shot Tricia.{:)

oldcrow61 said...

Wonderful shots.

Yoke, said...

Great photos, Tricia.
love the trees, and those seats must have taken quite a while to carve, I'd think.

jackdaws can be so brilliantly expressive, and this shot really prooves it.

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