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Monday, 12 September 2011

A Ruff day at London Wetland Centre

Firstly, just to explain that the lack of "collection" birds at Barnes on my previous visit was purely that they were having a day of attention by enjoying their "health checks"... excellent attention they all get and subsequently not so many staff/volunteers to fill up feeders throughout this hive of bird-welfare activity.

I popped back on Saturday morning with limited time for my visit. The first two birds were a chiff-chaff and a black cap - both hiding in the bushes but lovely to hear and see them as this time of the year.

A young Robin entertained me for quite a while. It's parent was in the bushes on the opposite side of the path - deep under cover.

However, a real highlight was a Ruff on the scrape and did come somewhat closer to the Wader-Scrape hide. Now if only the sun had come out...

Lucky to get these record shots however and pleased to have got them :D
(these pictures best viewed by clicking on them to enlarge them)

A short visit but rewarding....


Bob Bushell said...

Tremendous catch, the Ruff would be a like a dream, I've never seen one. Well done.

holdingmoments said...

There's certainly some great birds there Tricia.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tricia.

What a suprise to see your Robin
on show in that condition!!
during the moult, so well taken.

The Ruff is a really great set of
photo's, soon to be in winter plumage too. I think the adult
male's breeding plumage is something to behold,and would make a superb photo should you ever get
the chance Tricia.


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