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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Snow Buntings, a garden and a church - in the winter sunshine.

I somehow got the "new" blogger interface which I DO NOT LIKE! I changed back to the original and now it won't behave and puts my pictures where it wants to.... what I want is disregarded!!

Pete and I set off in the dark; but today I didn't have to scrape the ice of the car! It was incredibly mild! As we drove, the sun rose and the sky became blue.

We started at Salthouse - in the hope of Snow Buntings. Getting out of the car the wind almost blew us away.. it was very difficulty trying to hold the camera still so many pics were deleted!

Turnstones and Snow Buntings

From being blown everywhere (and it was a tadge cold.. especially for those of us who forgot our gloves... eh Pete? ) we decided to head inland and went to Blickling Gardens. My first visit and it won't be my last!

We then went to St Andrews Church at Little Snoring..

The Bell tower is completely separate
 from the Church itself

An excellent day out !
A bonus picture from Blickling - rather liked the natural "frame"
for this one!


Roy said...

And, a Lady with a camera.
Nice Snow Bunting Tricia.

Oscar Dewhurst said...

Some lovely images Tricia. I've never been to Salthouse before; I really should try to get there.


Wilma said...

Amazing photos even if they didn't go where you wanted them to!

Pete said...

i do like the turnstone taking off!!

Oscar - Salthouse is good for two things this time of year Snow Buntings (and sometimes Laplands with them) and Turnstone pics :D

The church is odd since it is old (must be around 1050-1100AD) and that tower looks like it was attached to a buiding at some stage.

oldcrow61 said...

Great shots Tricia. I got quite a chuckle out of the fellow sitting on the roof. What odd looking trees all in a row.

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