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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Where have all the birds gone?

I visited, what I hope is to be, my new home very shortly before I headed off today and the guy who's selling it to me was extremely helpful and friendly and is hoping, like me, we can get this all finalised in the next 2 weeks......woo hoo

So from there I headed north on the M23 and M25.  I was going to go straight to Rye Meads but as I drove the clouds parted and the sun shone.  OK then - change of plan - I headed off for Hatfield Forest.  Needless to say by the time I got there, the sun has gone shy on me and the rain clouds gathered.

It was lunchtime by the time I arrived so a wee snack-et of a Bacon Buttie was consumed to give me the energy to stay upright in the mud.

Very few birds about - think they had their talons glued to the branches to stay still in the very strong wind!  Out on the lake, only two Great Crested Grebes this time; both now in their full breeding plumage but the nest had gone.

A very brief appearance of the sun before I headed off for Rye Meads - so hardly any pictures today!

The water levels at Rye Meads had been raised so virtually nothing from the Draper Hide.  However the Tern Hide gave up a Grey Wagtail and that was the excitement for the visit.

Ah well.... tomorrow there is some musical entertainment to look forward to....


holdingmoments said...

Hope the house purchase goes quick and smooth Tricia.

A quiet day for birds then. :-(

ShySongbird said...

Good luck for the house buying!

Nice shot of the gymnastics or maybe ballet practice ;-)

Roy said...

Even the Greylag was scratching his head wondering where all the birds had gone Tricia.

Ragged Robin said...

Good luck with the house move Tricia - hope all goes smoothly.

oldcrow61 said...

Hope things work out well with the house. The duck picture is just so cute. Love the naked tree shots too.

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