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Sunday, 11 March 2012

A Garden in London and a guitarist..

We walked from Liverpool Street station to Wigmore Street.. and were tourists for few hours...

The day started cloudy but the sights were wonderful - so a pictorial journey through the streets of London.

I think I fell in love with these gardens; Gardens of St Dunstan in the East.  The entire garden growing in a medieval church which was destroyed during the war.  The fountain wasn't working today but it was beautiful nonetheless.

Around and about the Tower of London and Tower Bridge

A black telephone box!

Outside St Pauls Catherdral

There are some amazing clocks around London

The Courts of Justice

"Head Office" of the British Broadcasting Company (BBC)

Pete... closest you'll get to his being a cyclist methinks...;)

There weren't the prettiest of buildings but were very cheery too look at on a greyish morning..

And finally, sitting in the square reading whilst we waited to go to Wigmore Hall for the concert.

The guitarist was a very talenedt young man Milos Karadaglic - he played pieces by Fernando Sor,  Augustin Barrios Mangore, Johann Sebastian Bach and Heitor Vill-Lobo

Milos also introduced the pieces he had chosen to play - this was really great as we learnt a little about the pieces themselves and a bit of their history; it was also good to hear a little about Milos himself.  Wish more artists would talk to their audiences...

We came out into very warm sunshine - another very spring-like day after all; and a good one at that. :D

1 comment:

Wilma said...

A day full, Tricia. Loved it all. the wire sculpture lions are surprisingly life-like. I got a little dizzy looking a the shot of Pete near the outdoor tables - there wasn't a plumb or level line in sight!

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