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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Springlike day and an excellent concert

I set off this morning by walking to the station; first time from my new home.  It was a lovely walk in the spring sunshine with the birds serenading me as I walked.  I have a short-cut near my house which is through the grounds of a local church with graveyard.

Those of you familiar with Pete's photographic inclinations might think this picture was taken by him; however.... this is the actual slope of the graveyard!  The camera was perfectly straight!

My final destination was LSO St. Lukes for a concert... Pete and I wandered around the churchyard in the spring sunshine... the blossom on the trees was wonderful...

Hellebores glowed..

and Mahonia zinged...

Shame about the background but the tree was covered in white blossom

We had lunch in the LSO's restaurant and then had front row seats for the concert.

The programme was:
Nicola Benedetti and Friends
Nicola Beneditti - violin; Leonard Elschenbroich - Cello and Alexei Grynyuk - Piano.

Three exceedingly accomplished musicians playing:
Rachmaninov Piano Trio No 1 in G Minor and
Tchaikovsky Piano Trio in A minor Op 50

I think this is the best combination of artists and these instruments; certainly the choice of music was idyllic and very movingly played with apparent rapport amongst the artists.  The music was wonderful and kept me entranced throughout (even distracting me from the rather hard seats at LSO ;)  )

A lovely day all round :D

and here's to the next concert on Sunday.....

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oldcrow61 said...

Great shots as always. I do enjoy seeing what's around you.

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