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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Bees, butterflies, sunshine and blue skies

What a difference a day makes.,  Forecast wasn't brilliant bet better than it's been! And it turned out to be a glorious day.. so lovely to get rid of all that winter clobber.

The day started with a, rather reclusive, Male Blackcap visiting Mum's garden.  Pity the window got in the way.  At this point it was cloudy and greyish...

 And Goldfinches in abundance on the feeders

Then after taking Mum shopping I headed off for the coast!  And the sun came out and it got very warm - lovely stuff!!

First stop Widewater Lagoon

  Managed to park so I could start out on the path midway between the two 'halves' of the lagoon.  Nothing much about in bird terms other than a Mute Swan and a Little Egret.  Very quiet.

But you seem to get quite a few inter-bred Mallards here.

Starlings were gathering nesting material; the sunlight made their feather irridescent!


Further along the beach, a lone surfer with patriotic colours was out on the sea.

and so were the gulls... very quiet birdwise! - but wrong time of day and high tide.

The sea was quite rough in the south westerly wind!

Even further along, the beach garden was still a bit colourless.. this will improve soon when the flowers start to bloom.

and some Bees buzzing about - great :D

and the end product of the day?  A Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly - lovely to see one.  A Brimstone flew past later but too fast and didn't pose for a picture!

Glorious weather and lovely to see bees and flutters again - long may it last!!


oldcrow61 said...

That goldfinch is a beauty. How wonderful to see bees, butterflies and blooming flowers. Our daffs are no where to be seen yet.

Roy Norris said...

Great close ups Tricia. At long last we get to see a butterfly.

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