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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Woolly lambs and Sculptures by Rodin and Henry Moore

The sun's still shining and we headed off this afternoon to the Henry Moore Foundation.  Pete had heard that new sculptures by Auguste Rodin were now included in the collection.

It seemed really spring-like today that we even abandoned a layer of clothing... woo hoo

I like the Henry Moore Foundation - apart from the attraction of the sculptures today there were lambs galore out in the field and, in general, the gardens are big enough to enjoy a decent walk.

Here we go then ( hope you don't overdose on lambs)

In a garden next to the visitor centre, there are several bird feeders and underneath those bird feeders are...

Cybele by Rodin

Adam by Rodin

The Fallen Caryatid - Rodin

This sculpture - the Burghers of Calais we originally saw quite recently in the Victoria Gardens on the Thames Embankment

Jean d'Aire Monumental Nude by Rodin

Eve (in part) by Rodin

 A lovely afternoon out.. and to end on a high note?  Pete's car keys that had 'gone missing' turned up in the visitor centre - some kind soul had handed them in after finding them in the car door... oooops.  But all's well that ends well (I had completely lost mine some year's ago!!)


Ragged Robin said...

The lambs are rather cute Tricia :) Some lovely photos. Interesting to compare the Rodin and Moore!

You saw some great birds at Titchwell - sounds like 2 good days out :)

Tricia Ryder said...

Rodin and Moore differently quite noticably - especially when comparing them, almost, side-by-side

It was a great weekend.. and lovely to do some birding again... :D

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