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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Romeo & Juliet - and nostalgia

We were up in London for the Ballet - Romeo & Juliet - at Covent Garden today.  We started out in Hyde Park in the cold and sunshine... but pics will follow tomorrow.

As a child I studied ballet and so, in due course, did my daughter.  Having done so, it makes you realise just how much hard work it is to be an accomplished ballet dancer - the sheer energy, training, strict regime, talent, etc. etc. required.  How do they manage to make every movement so fluid and look so effortless!!

Today's performance was beautiful - the two leads Melissa Hamilton as Juliet and Edward Watson as Romeo definitely had chemistry between them... they were as one.  And even knowing the end of the story, it was performed so well that it was still an emotional ending...

We had booked rather last minute and therefore had restricted-view seats - this meant that at times, you couldn't see the production as it was out of our field of vision on the stage..  However, the plus side of this was you could watch the orchestra - beautifully played score throughout under the direction and baton of Barry Wordsworth.  The music is by Prokofiev ... and so familiar

I haven't been to the ballet for years, but am now beginning to make up for it.......

A great performance - and so thoroughly enjoyable :D

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