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Friday, 28 March 2014

Seville Day 4 - starting with a visit to the Bullring

Well, our last full day in Seville... time goes far too quickly.

We were off for a tour of the Bullring.. or to give it its full name.. Plaza de toros de la Real Maestranza de Caballeria de Sevilla

I'm not comfortable with bull-fighting per se and some pictures I haven't posted.  However, I did wish to see for myself what a bullring was like.

The building itself is rather attractive.. when we arrived there was a long queue but this was for tickets for the coming season's fights.

We had a short wait before our guide was available for the tour.

Preparations were underway for the annual presentation of awards to the top Bull-fighters (the Matador de toros to give a bull-fighter his proper title)

The tour of the ring itself was short so off to the museum..

the tour ended with a visit to the horse stables - the bulls being stabled elswhere within the building.  Before protective gear was provided for the horses, it is stated that approximately 12 horses per session were killed - a very sad fact!

and then off to wander..  the Palm trees really are majestic..

We climbed to the top of the Torre de Oro (or in English - the Gold Tower) - we'd passed this many times walking along the river, and the view from the top more than justified the climb up the stairs..

An old painting of the Gold Tower..

We wandered through the streets in the afternoon...

Preparations are underway for the Easter celebrations.. the seating was being erected and the ground covered grew each time we passed it, it seemed.

We walked through a new area of Seville.. this was the main shopping area of the city

In a shop window.. we both instantly thought of OC and her liking for skeletons..  this one called 'Mr Bones'... :D

Shops selling fans abounded... and some, made of lace, were very beautiful

A chocolate shop!

No idea what this complex is..  although very dramatic, not sure I particularly like it.

We finished the day, with a sit and stroll in the sunshine in the park again.... a very firm favourite place of ours by now..

And finally, back to the hotel for our last night there.  Tomorrow..... homeward bound.. with a certain amount of regret..

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