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Saturday, 15 March 2014

A wonderful Ballet .... Sleeping Beauty

We were off to see Sleeping Beauty performed by the Royal Ballet at the Royal Opera House... but I was coming up from Sussex today. having family commitments.. boring journey!!

Having met Pete, and after a quick drink at Pret followed by a 'picnic' on the usual steps :D.. we wandered around Covent Garden before heading into the Royal Opera House... (see bottom of this post)

I'd been looking forward to seeing Sleeping Beauty for a long time!!  And it was FANTASTIC... traditional ballet, superbly danced & choreographed and the music beautifully played.

The principal characters had been changed so might heart sank a bit... but the performances of Kikaru Kobayashi (Princess Aurora) and Frederico Bonelli (Prince Florimund) were excellent.  The Lilac Fairy was danced by Melissa Hamilton superbly.

The whole performance was magical... beautiful dancing, great costumes, lighting was excellent, music superb... (why do people HAVE to talk whilst the orchestra was playing between acts 2 & 3!!! this really is NOT on)..

Very traditional story but.... don't they always work the best.. boy meets girl, overcomes various problems/obstacles.. boy wins girl... lovely stuff! :D

Despite the tedious train journeys, it was a lovely day... :) and weather was gorgeous :)

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