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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Petworth dressing for Autumn colours

Needed some exercise and space today and, as the sky was very very blue and the sun shone I donned my heavier coat for the first time this Autumn and wandered around Petworth in the nippy wind.

I was hoping to see some Deer - I did but very very far away... I know where to go the next visit.

No matter how often I pas this 'mole' I have to take a picture.. it's rather cute..

Cyclamen blooming under the tree

and a group of 5 Pied Wagtails..

Then I came across 3 Bucks .. Fallow Deer

Several Mallards with coots..

and when you have an itch... you need to scratch it!!

and one solitary Greylag

Stopped for a very nice fruit scone..

and Mr Ponders approved..

A huge patch of fungi ...

and such a pretty tree.. don't know what it is!!

Lovely day and great way to get some exercise.

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