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Thursday, 15 October 2015

Sorrento Day 5 - Isle of Capri

So today we're off to Capri.... I'd visited once many years ago and had memories of Capri being relatively quiet

However, some years later it's more heavily commercialised and packed with people.

Walking to the town to catch the boat.. a local view

We booked onto the jetspeed ferry which took 10 mins off the standard crossing time.   A much better crossin sea-wise on this occasion.

We arrived in the port at Capri and headed for the funicular to head to the top.

It was stupidly crowded and one man queue jumped which made him very unpopular!!  Too many people

The clock tower at the top, where we arrived

On our way to some gardens... lemon stall selling drinks.. we were to have a drink on the way back!

outside a perfumery store

That's a long way down!!

Mr Ponders surveying the sea..

and after spending a lot of time wandering and having a bite to eat, we headed back down to the port for our trip back to Sorrento

It was a good day but with the benefit of hindsight, we should have caught the local bus to Anacapri.. I believe it would have been quieter and more scenic..... next time perhaps...

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