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Monday, 15 February 2016

Arundel - briefly but with a Firecrest!!

I popped over to WWT Arundel this morning... but enroute I pulled off the road to take some pics of the Cathedral and Arundel Castle..

 The Castle

The Cathedral

Load of children about at Arundel - it's half term -

Views of the reserve ..

but nonetheless found a group of birders with cameras raised... a Firecrest (there were at least two, possibly three, darting about at great speed.

Only record shots but the first ever pics I've managed of a Firecrest..

A small flock of Goldfinches settled in a blossoming tree

and elsewhere

and also picked up some travel documents for impending holiday... roll on the next few weeks :)


Wilma said...

Love that firecrest!

Tricia Ryder said...

Thanks Wilma... was so pleased to get some pics... one of the most difficult birds to photograph!!

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Amazing to get such clear snaps of such a very flitty bird, well, if they are anything like goldcrests. Lovely shot of a goldeneye too!

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