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Thursday, 25 February 2016

London, a donkey and a Concert

Today I was off to meet Pete for a lunchtime concert at LSO St Luke.  As a walked across London Bridge the sky was grey!!  The journey up to London had been brilliant sunshine.... on the train!!

However, Tower Bridge in the distance

As I crossed the bridge, a donkey was coming towards me!!  Think it was giving lifts to commuters on their way to work!!

Everywhere in London now it seems, are modern glass panneled buildings often sitting cheek and jowl amongst the old and more historic buildings.. I often think the historic will last longer than the, current, modern!

High high up on this building, two black specks (to the right of the building about half-way down)

busy cleaning windows!!!!

and onto Bunhill Cemetery.. finally some welcome colour!

Mr Ponders was glad of a bit of fresh air!

and finally, on to St Lukes

Today the concert should have been performed by Pavel Haas Quartet - but as a result of ill health with one of the family of one of the musicians, they had to pull out.  At short notice, the Royal String Quartet and the cellist Guy Johnston took their place.

They played Schubert's String Quintet in C major D956 (1828).  An amazing piece of music which I heard today for the first time, and beautifully played with such emotion and vigour.    The whole piece lasts about 57 minutes... quite an accomplishment to play for that length of time.  I just wanted to applaud without waiting until the end... but I waited!!

Excellent concert and thanks to all concerned.

1 comment:

Midmarsh John said...

To me, every time I see aerial shots of London many modern buildings look so out of place, many ugly and intrusive.

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