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Saturday, 27 August 2016

Potter at Petworth House & Park

I was on standby chauffeuring duties today so couldn't go too far from home.. apart from which there are dire reports of unusually high amounts of traffic delays given the bank holiday weekend.  So went for a potter around Petworth Park.

It was humid with cloud cover and very 'glary' so not the best day for pics.. however..

Cyclamen in flower.. think these must be the Autumn (already? ) variety..

Signs of the end of summer.. and we've not had any rain for a bit.. so the grasses are getting straw-like

Still several Greylag Geese about.. they were very quiet and still today..

and the Canada Geese were hardly rushing about either...

A few Mallards had a lazy swim ..

it was so warm.. so Mr Ponders and I sat with Fido and watched the birds..

ah.. the boys have found another seat...

and finally, into the cafe for a fruity scone.

Mr Ponders and I decided that Fido would really like scones so today he joined us for a tasty fruit scone..

He did offer to cut it in half, but found the knife a bit heavy.....

and then another walk .. before heading off....

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