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Thursday, 3 November 2016

Arundel WWT - just a few

Had an appointment today which meant going very near Arundel .. so popped in.  Very quiet except for the normal residents.. but nice to see a bit of sunshine albeit the temperature was much colder than we've been used to recently.... sign of things to come

About 15 Canada Geese took off...

Robins were the most frequent visitor of the day.. always good to hear them singing..

and a few Long-tailed Tits... just managed to grab a shot.. they were deep in the trees..

A colourful Mallard was preening.

as were Golden Eyes

I wandered into the village of Arundel - wanted something particular of the cheese variety from one of local shops, but not available yet.  The had an excellent Pancetta from a Ristorante & Osteria -  the Pappardelle  - I've been there before... it really is a great find and one I'm always pleased to have an excuse to go back to ..

I wandered through the town and a view of the River Arun from the bridge

Pleasant day......

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