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Sunday, 13 November 2016

Spur of the moment - Bushy Park and Claremont Gardens

Plan A - I was headed for Polesden Lacey .. but on the spur of the moment I took a different exit from a roundabout.. decided to go to Bushy Park

Was lucky to get parked... First birds seen?  My old friend Ring-necked Parakeets..

A very young Grey Heron.... was being fed bread with al the other birds

Red Crested Pochards

and I then went on to Claremont Gardens for a bit to eat.. excellent scone as always

and the home....


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Great shots! Looks like the ornamental birds like that place. I'd die if I ever saw one of those parakeets

Tricia Ryder said...

Simon - I used to live about 2 miles from Bushy Park. About 1 mile from me there was a Parakeet roost of in excess of 4,000 Parakeets. I had them in my garden daily. the most as any one time, was 36.

If you copy and paste these links... all taken in my garden a few years ago

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