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Tuesday, 22 January 2019


I was with a very good friend today, and the forecast was for 'rain later from early afternoon!.

We headed out into glorious sunshine and blue skies for a visit to Bexhill.  We just wandered along the beach path so didn't go into the town.

The tide was well in and the sea was moving quite noticeably.. No wind when we arrived but by the time we walked back.. the wind was certainly making its presence felt!

In this private garden.. dozens of Starlings and House Sparrows... something obviously attracted them¬

Hmmmm.... a rather "eccentric" garden but fascinating..

A Vauxhall Vector.. magnificently restored.. looked beautiful!

and on the grass a group of Starlings.. nope . wait a minute.. also 5 Turnstones!!

Walking back the Turnstones were still on the grass and some on the beach as well.

A view as we visited the Del la Warr Pavilion for lunch. The Pavilion was built in 1935.. looks quite remarkable! It has various exhibitions and shows..

Lunch.. Fez approved.  A pleasant Wensleydale cheese sandwich with a cuppa..

and a gentle wander back to the car..

Slight detour eastwards... a possible venue for a walk on a future date.

As we drove away from here.. I had to stop in the road to allow some Turnstones to cross!! :)
Great weather and excellent company.. thank you my friend!

The sky had clouded over as I left Bexhill - I arrived home in rain..!!  All good things..

1 comment:

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

The sea looks wonderfully alive and refreshing, and the starlings are beautiful

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