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Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Sovereign Harbour and Cormorants

Last time I went with my very good friend to Sovereign Harbour I regretted not taking my big lens with me as so much wild life about including seals.

Today, suitably equipped, there wasn't much other than some feisty Cormorants.. probably about 8 in total seen at the same time.. two of which have a bit of a fight over perching rights !!

The sun shone and despite a cold wind, it was lovely.  We found a seat in a sheltered spot in sun where it was amazingly warm.... sat there with coats undone!.

One of the Martello Towers, (small defensive forts)  seen mostly along the coasts.  This is Tower no 66 at Langney Point, Eastbourne.

Probably the most interesting Water Works building I have seen!

Several Cormorants perched on the roof of the tall apartment buildings

And a sunset as I got home!

Great day out with a lovely lunch and excellent company.!

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