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Saturday, 6 April 2019

Day 3 Sicily... Syracuse & the town and island of Ortigia. 30 March 2019

OK.. today we went off to Syracuse - and another rewarding day it was too!

Our principal port of call, was to the Neapolis Archaeological Park and its Greek Theatre and Roman Amphitheatre

This is a weeping fig tree and is over 400 years old.

The Greek Theatre is still used for concerts

and to protect the limestone, the stage and orchestra areas are well covered.

and then a look down into the Quarry

A walk down the hill...

and into the Quarry

This is a man made cave, carved out of the limestone, which is enormous and shaped like a human ear.. the scale can be seen by the people at the very bottom of this picture.  The cave is called the Ear of Dionysius

and then a walk through the area to..

The Roman Amphitheatre

an amazing morning with a very helpful guide! Thank you.

Then back on the bus for the next visit of the day.

Which was the town of Syracuse itself as a means of ..

Crossing this bridge into the old town and island of Ortigia..

These are the ruins of the Temple of Apollo which is the most ancient Doric temple, dated to the 6th Century BC

and from there a wander through the streets

to the Cathedral of Syracuse

It holds relics of St Lucy who was the patroness of the city.. this is her dress!

and then a further wander - this pond has many fish in it.. also saw a few Goldfinches, a pair of Mallards, and an unidentified bird which could be a Willow Warbler or Chiffchaff.... opinions are divided.

The plant is Papyrus which makes the paper!

Italian Sparrow

We then walked to the far end

Stopped here for lunch.. excellent views over the bay

Intrigued as to what "Do not up and side" on the railings and walls meant :D

So.. Willow Warbler, Chiffchaff,?.. awful picture with just the travel lens

and finally, our day was over.. another great and memorable day in brilliant sunshine and blue skies.

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