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Sunday, 7 April 2019

Day 4 - Sicily - Leaving Letojanni and a visit to Piazza Armerina, the Villa del Casale 31 March 2019

My last day in Letojanni  I loved staying here .. the hotel was good with beautiful views.  We did visit the town, but from the little we saw, it wasn't anything to tempt me.. perhaps too early in the season.

Woke to a beautiful sunrise as has been the norm..

 and just love this view

A few pics around the hotel

and the meals were very good.. some of the sweet breakfast selection

We arrived at Piazza Armerina for a visit to the Villa del Casale.  A Roman villa build in the 4th century, and other UNESCO World Heritage Site in Sicily.

Here you can find the richest and most complex collection of Roman mosaics in the world, and reputed to be the most luxurious of its kind.

It was wonderfully warm, and some of the canine residents snoozed in the sun.

A very poor shot of a Serin singing its heart out..

and then our visit began...

I seem to have taken dozens of mosaic pictures, only some of which are posted here

and finally, we were off to our destination for the final part of the holiday.

A rather nice surprise from our very thoughtful Tour Manager, Alan.  There were 2 of us with birthdays today, me and one other

The Cheesecake was our pudding in the restaurant that night, and they had provided a candle (they could only find one) .  The Cheesecake was delivered as the group of friends sang happy birthday to us.

and a few bubbles.

A wonderful way to start the day.. and, equally, amongst those who became friends, to end the day.

Another wonderful memory!.

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