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Tuesday, 29 April 2008

An impromptu wander along the Thames in London

I've been having problems with my Canon 100-400 IS lens in that it won't always focus immediately, so today I bit the bullet and took it upto Fixation in Vauxhall for a diagnosis and estimate for repair. I now await their phone call...... I really don't like being parted from this lens!

Having left about lunchtime in pouring rain I'd anticipated getting the next train back. But as I emerged the sun was shining and it felt - warm! So I decided to walk along the Thames path and catch the train back from Waterloo.

Going in this direction I was approaching the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, the London Eye and, Hungerford Bridge with the two new walk-ways known as the Golden Jubilee Bridges. These are three bridges: the original railway steel bridge (designed by Brunel and opened on 1845) and which is now flanked on either side by two modern pedestrian walk-ways. There had been one walkway for many years which was very narrow and not at all pleasing on the eye. These are now known as the Golden Jubilee Bridges. Both were opened by HRH Princess Alexandra in July 2003. The first footbridge having been completed in May 2002 with the second in September of the same year.

I crossed over the Thames via new bridge and returned along the other side; then arriving at the National Theatre on London's South Bank where I had a welcome cuppa and a chocolate brownie (which wasn't very good!)

Time to go home as the rain clouds were gathering and en route passed the Nelson Mandela bust. Arrived at the rather ornate entrance to Waterloo station just as the clouds released a heavy shower of rain.

It was fun to be a tourist today and more so because it was unplanned.

A pictorial records of my wanderings.

St. Georges' Wharf - a very modern "housing" developement
at the foot of Vauxhall Bridge on the riverside.

Distant views of Houses of Parliament and the London Eye

Two exhibits from the Salvador Dahli exhibition
currently being staged at County Hall.

London Eye

View from Golden Jubilee Bridge looking
towards St. Paul's Cathedral

The Golden Jubilee Bridge

London skyline

Nelson Mandela bust outside the Royal Festival Hall

Waterloo Station entrance.


Pete said...

nice pics Trish

Pete said...

oh meant to add fingers xed over lens

Tricia said...

Thanks Pete - on both counts :)

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