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Thursday, 3 April 2008

Monopods, Goslings, Birds and Photography

Well lads and lassies, it's a bit of a mixed bag today.

Following a recent birthday, I went out and bought a monopod and tilt-head. For a long time now I've been dissatisfied with the quality of my pics - especially wildlife ones, in that I cannot get the detail to my satisfaction.

The lens and camera I use for this weigh (jointly) about 2.4 kilogrammes and I have difficulty holding the camera still, even with the Image Stabilisation of the lens.

Having acquired said monopod, and given I had to drive back through Bushey Park from the shop, I couldn't resist the urge to a) try out said new item and b) check up on how the Goslings were doing.

In both cases - both did very well. The Goslings have grown enormously since my last visit on 21 March. When I first saw them on 1 March, I could have had one of them sitting in the palm of my hand. Not so now - they are slightly smaller than a Coot and losing those lovely white feathers.

Great activity from all the birds today - Mute Swans were chasing Canada Geese; Female Mallards were chasing male Tufted Ducks and Mallards were chasing anything that came near them.

A small herd of male Fallow Deer (mature and young) were also behaving differently today. Two or three of them were rubbing their antlers against the branches of small or fallen trees. I don't know if this is to help shedding the antlers or to get rid of the velvet that covers them. I shall have to do some research into this.

Yesterday, I experimented with a tele-converter that I bought ages ago. I don't use it often as it won't auto-focus so you need a subject that's going to sit and pose. I did manage to get one of a male Ring-necked Parakeet who was happily sitting in the apple tree. I've never managed a reasonable shot of a male before so glad I had an opportunity.

The outcome - I'm delighted with the improvement of my pictures now that I've got the monopod to take the weight of the camera. But, dear readers, you can also be the judge of that.
Bath-time for the Egyptian Geese family

Canada Goose - just landed!

One of a pair of Great-crested Grebes

I'd seen the Mute Swan on this spot before but
I now know it's definitely nesting.

As is the Coot

Male Mallard with an itch?

The cool Grey Heron

Trying to pick up a branch - stage 1

... off the ground now

Done it!


Pete said...

they've grown!!

think they look sharper but where was the sun? was bright here

nice deer!

Tricia said...

A bit bigger then when we saw them Pete.

The sun definitely wasn't here at all today - but Essex and West Sussex have obviously had much better weather!

Mel said...

Hi Tricia!
Your pics look great!!

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