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Sunday, 20 September 2009

A funny old week; but it got much better

The week that has just ended was not the most productive in most respects. Started off by not feeling well which reached it's critical point by mid-week when I started to feel back to normal.

I've been waiting for a company to come and extend my TV aerial. They were booked for last Tuesday - but I learnt from a phone call that their engineer had had an accident in the van and they were having difficulty with the insurance on the replacement. Subsequently next visit booked for this coming Monday.

I went to Wisley on Friday and towards the end of a chat with Frank, I had a phone call stating that they'd had a cancellation and could come in an hour. So home I went without having even entered the gardens. Engineer arrived - but discovered that, as a result of the injury sustained to his arm in the accident, he couldn't manage with the ladders he had and hadn't got the relevant one with him. So attempt no. 2 aborted!! He's still coming tomorrow morning - at this point in time that is.

So I had a wander around Painshill Park.

More evidence of the changing seasons..

On Saturday I met some friends in the New Forest. It only took me just over an hour and half to get there and although the day was very warm, it was very very hazy.

Around the New Forest

Hazy sun at Keyhaven

Back into the Village where we all had an excellent lunch in the pub's garden sitting next to the stream.

And today I just stayed local and had a wander around (a still very very busy) Bushy Park.

This tree beside the pond has some wonderful fungi growing in it - don't know what it is but it's vibrant colour makes it sound out!

And some other highlights of the walk
(pity about the stick being in the way)!

still practising......


holdingmoments said...

Good to hear your on the mend Tricia.
Lovely selection of pictures. The Mallard in the first is a cracker. Great capture.
No idea what the fungi is, but it's very striking.

Janine said...

Those elderberries look yummy! Great job with the dragonfly shot, not easy to do!

Warren Baker said...

What a frustrating week for, at least you've got over the illness, roll on autumn!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are on the mend Tricia.
(and nearly normal {:))
New Forest is a nice place to visit especially in a couple of months time with all the autumn leaves.
Yes the Mallard shot is great.

ShySongbird said...

Glad you are feeling better Tricia :)

It is horrible having to wait around for someone to mend/fit something, I hate it! Hope it gets sorted today.

Lovely photos again and yes, it grieves me to say it but Autumn is approaching with the speed of an express train, berries nuts and fungi all around! Lovely photos of the horses and I see the LTTs have been posing for you too ;)

bailey1409 said...


Your fungus is Chicken of the woods.
It is edible when young, as in your picture.



Tricia said...

Keith - thank you. Back to normal now :D The Mallard was a chance shot that paid off! And I now know that the Fungi is Chicken of the Woods.

Janine - thanks - I'm still practising flight shots so was pleased to get this one!

Warren - thanks. Hope you and Mrs. B are both recovered too.

Roy - thank you. I hope the Autumn colour won't disappoint given all the dry weather we've had.

Jan - thank you! It didn't get sorted today - ETA now Wednesday!!!!!

Maurice - thank you for coming to my rescue yet again. I've not heart of the Fungus - it's got a great name!!

oldcrow61 said...

What a wonderful array of photos. That tree trunk is fabulous!

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