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Sunday, 13 September 2009

This and that

Well I don't know what's up but I suspect I've got a bug of some sort and not the wildlife kind. Sore throat, loss of voice (although that's now returned: oh dear I hear someone comment) and generally no energy whatsoever so everything's an effort. Hopefully this will go soon, as there's plenty that needs doing!!

I had a wander around Painshill last week and there wasn't much wildlife about but it was a beautiful day so I used the landscape lens for a change.

Beautiful pink berries!

and various views from around the lake

The Vineyard is beginning to show the fruits of its labours. Occasional gunfire (recorded) can be heard. This is Painshill's bird scarer. Last year they lost their crop to Ring-necked Parakeets and the weather. This year they're not taking any chances. However, to supplement their wine stock in the shop, they're selling Denbies wine - which I thought was a great idea!

Towards the exit is the wonderful tree - it's enormous

But it's a magical tree that keeps its eye on us

And the Beast of the Tree is always standing guard.

Today I couldn't stay in all day despite lack of energy so went for a walk around Bushy Park. Not much about but the new conkers are now providing food for the Squirrels

The rutting season will be starting very soon but at the moment the Red Deer Stags are still in their all male groups. This rather fine specimen was resting - no doubt conserving his energies for what's ahead!

Black-headed gulls were obvious in their increasing numbers..

as were the Canada Geese - a sure sign that Autumn's approaching.

And today, some enthusiasts were sporting their boats in the Boating Pond.
(This one's worth enlarging to see the driver - the owner of this one is someone with a sense of humour methinks )

And so home and today - it was cold!!


Pete said...

the wine is very nice. goes to get glass

Tricia said...

Cheers P!

Anonymous said...

A lovely set of landscape photos Tricia, it makes a nice change to do something like that especially when there isn't much bird life around at the moment.
Anyway get well soon and I hope it hasn't put you off your food.{:)

Warren Baker said...

I think ive got the same virus Tricia, and so's the wife! Not nice at all. At least your still getting out!

Midmarsh John said...

Lovely set of tree and landscape photos Tricia. There has been a blooming cold wind all day here. Such a contrast to the past two.

I'm sure a bottle or so of your favourite tipple will soon cure your ailment.

Take care, John

Tricia said...

Roy - Thank you. Sometimes I feel I concentrate too much on the detail of wildlife so it's nice to see the bigger picture and habitat for the animal and bird life.

Bit of a loss of appetite but I'm still eating!

Warren - sorry to hear that you and Mrs. Warren are suffering. Let's hope for all our sakes that it goes very very quickly. I suspect, like me, you don't like enforced inactivity!

Tricia said...

John - thank you. And it's getting dark so early too. Never mind!

A bottle or two rather than a glass or two? Well, I won't know much about it LOL but thank you for the kind thought.

holdingmoments said...

What a fine looking beast that Red Deer Stag is.
And the little boat made me laugh when I saw who was driving. lol

Hope you soon kick that bug Tricia.

Chris said...

Hi Tricia,
This was a nice this and that post ;-) I hope you will get better quickly. I love the stag and the squirrel pictures. Here not too much news neither, because the weather is very bad and nothing is out!

mick said...

I hope you recover soon from your 'bug'! The lake photos are especially beautiful. Your winter loss of birds is definitely to the benefit of those who live south of the equator.

Anna Simpson said...

Lovely photographs. I always find when I do not feel well the best cure is the great outdoors. I hope you feel better soon.

ShySongbird said...

I hope you are feeling a little better by now Tricia.

That is a magnificent old tree, it has such a presence about it.

Lovely photos with the reflections in the water, you are lucky to have such a beautiful place on your doorstep.

oldcrow61 said...

I love the photos especially the one with the two ducks and the reflections. Also the magical tree, it's wonderful. Hope your feeling a little better today.

The Early Birder said...

Hi Tricia. I do hope the 'bug' clears off soon.
Loved the pics of the tree spying on it's passers-by. Clarkson & water...not usually a happy partnership. FAB

Nature As Is said...

Lovely landscape fav's are the water reflection shots..good work lovely light.

Tricia said...

Thanks to you all for your good wishes. It's still around regrettably!

Tricia said...

Keith - he was a very handsome Stag and no doubt we'll see more of him in a few weeks!

Chris - thank you. The squirrels are enjoying all the nuts that Autumn's producing.

Mick - thanks. Glad you're getting your share of the birds! Lol

Anna - nice to see you here again. You're right about the outdoors being the cure; but it's pouring as I type this!

SS - Thanks. The tree is magnificent and my pictures don't do it justice or fully portray it's size. Yes - I am lucky and Painshill has so much to offer.

OC - Thank you. They were very sleepy ducks too :D

Frank - thank you. Glad you saw the "eye" too! Know what you meant about Clarkson and water!

Nature As Is - thank you - I do rather like anything to do with water and particularly reflections in it!!

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