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Sunday, 18 October 2009

An afternoon's exercise....

Considering it was the weekend I did manage to get parked in Richmond Park - surprisingly. The Red Deer were in a completely different rutting spot than usual and so I was glad I'd taken the clockwise direction around the park to begin my search. Several deer about but this seemed to be one of two "main men". He was possessively guarding his hinds and there was a great deal of roaring. About 4 young stags thought they were in with a chance but they were on a hiding to nothing!

As an aside to the rut, this young Red Deer was still suckling from Mum. It looked almost as big as Mum and I think she'd decided that it was now time it found its own food!

The chase was on when a young stag invaded the "master's" territory!

and finally, Mum relented again.

After Richmond Park I headed off to see what was happening in Bushy. Various Stags roaring but birds being comical took my attention!

Why does it always strike me as odd to see an Egyptian Goose up in a tree?

and this Jackdaw was not backwards in coming forwards looking to land on the Red Deer Hind's back. Probably looking for insects or may be even a ride!

and a Canada Goose was trying to look threatening..

Not a bad walk today and got some exercise - at least the sun shone intermittently which was good!


Chris said...

Beautiful deer shots Tricia. But I've to say that I love your Tree-Egyptian goose ;-) It is a very funny and unusual one.

Wilma said...

Those Canada geese have a very mean bite, Tricia! We've noticed around here that when flocks of Canada geese are in freshly tilled or harvest fields, there is at least one "sentinel" goose with its head up and looking fierce, on the alert for danger.

richard said...

Great story about stag"s realm.

mick said...

Great action photos. The interactions with the deer are especially interesting.

Miranda Bell said...

Hi Tricia - sorry it's been a while - love the photos of the stags - almost expecting a picture of Simon from Autumn watch lurking in the background!! Hope all's well with you - when I get more time will have to catch up properly with your blog as I've missed quite a few postings now - but some wonderful shots.... take care Miranda

Richard said...

I enlarged the picture of the goose in the tree and it sure does look like it only has one leg not just one pulled up.

Nature As Is said...

Tricia excellent shots....fabulous action. I enjoyed all your pictures and your story that went with it.

Glo said...

Great fresh air shots, and such interesting information!

Midmarsh John said...

Another great set of photos, Tricia. Like Richard I was trying to work out whether the Egyptian Goose only had one leg. It was certainly balancing well. Love that last shot of the Canada Goose.

ShySongbird said...

Another lovely set of photos.

I agree Tricia, birds which we usually see on or by the water look bizarre in trees! As others have said it really doesn't look like its leg is tucked up, I know many ducks/geese stand like that from time to time but that one looks like it may actually have lost a leg! This could be starting a theme with Stumpy the Lizard ;)

I also liked the Kestrel shots on the previous post.

avalon said...

You have captured the stags so well, liked the mum and young one .

oldcrow61 said...

A great selection of photos. Those male deer are beautiful. I think you're right, it is time that young deer started getting his own food, lol.

Tricia said...

Chris - thank you - and yes, the Goose does look rather funny.

Wilma - yes they do. One grabbed my trouser leg sometime ago. It was in the spring and I obviously posed a threat!

Richard (in Bucharest) thank you.

Mick - thank you.

Miranda - good to see you back again - I didn't spot a "Simon" on my outing I must admit LOL. I've not been blogging that much recently so you won't have too much catching up to do.

Richard - I'm still not sure about the leg. I've noticed them do this before and then the leg appears. I'll keep an eye out when I'm next in Bushy.

Nature As Is - thank you for your kind comments.

Glo - thank you.

John - thank you. It always amazes me how well birds can balance on one leg - and sleep that way too!

Jan - As I respnded to Richard - I just don't know about the leg even having seen it in "for real" and through the binoculars. It certainly looked like a foot which suggests the leg was well tucked up but....

Avalon (J) thank you; it was surprising to see the young one feeding still!!

OC - thank you - they are handsome beasts! And yes - time the young deer stood on its own now :)

holdingmoments said...

Great set of the stags Tricia.
Love that last shot of the Canada Goose. Looks like he means business.

Thanks for your comment on my last post. Appreciated.

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