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Thursday, 8 October 2009

The sun came out today..

As I stumbled downstairs bleary-eyed with my first cuppa on my mind I glanced out of the window and saw...... it was just after 7 a.m. and this was taken through a very dirty double-glazed window. The bird that's called and eluded me for so long, finally put in an appearance. It think it's a juvenile!

Green Woodpecker

Later on I went out to go to Barnes - but the traffic was so awful I turned back and came home through Richmond Park. I saw some deer (but that's for another day) and then came across a small flock of Long-tailed Tits.

Just hanging around...

before settling (as much as they do) in an autumnal Oak Tree.


Richard said...

Hi Tricia,
Brilliant photos, I know from experience how difficult it is to photograph Long-tailed tits! The bird on the wire looks suspiciously pale headed – it could almost be the continental race of LTT but is probably just a juvenile (?).

holdingmoments said...

Lovely shots of the Green Woodpecker Tricia. They'd brighten anyones morning seeing them in the garden.
The LTT's are such great little acrobats. Love the way they hang like that.

midlands birder said...

hi tricia
love your photos the green woodpecker photos look more like a moulting adult male to me.
love the blog keep it up

Midmarsh John said...

Lovely photos of the woodpecker and the LTTs. Nice to see one out in the open for a change.

ShySongbird said...

Oooh I'm very envious of the GSW Tricia, lovely to see the photos (I bet my windows are dirtier than yours though!) ;)

Lovely photos of the LTTs, such pretty fairy-like little birds!

ShySongbird said...

Oooh I'm very envious of the GSW Tricia, lovely to see the photos (I bet my windows are dirtier than yours though!) ;)

Lovely photos of the LTTs, such pretty fairy-like little birds!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tricia, yes it looks like a moulting male Green Woodpecker.
(even though it nearly caught you napping) {:)

The LTTs are lovely.

Anonymous said...

I must get a photo of a LTT soon!! This is driving me mad. A small flock flew into a tree the other day as we were on our way to work, right above our heads in perfect view - camera at home, of course!!

Richard said...

Great pictures Tricia. I'd like to see that Woodpecker but don't think I'll be in the UK but then who knows.

Chris said...

Hi Tricia,
Wow the series of the green woodpecker are fantastic!! I would love to get it like that. He really posed for you! beautiful... I love long-tailed tits but they are moving so much that it is not easy to get nice shots. This is a very beautiful post. Congrats!

Wilma said...

Great shots of the green woodpecker.

ShySongbird said...

Stupid me! I realised in the middle of the night that I had put Great Spotted instead of Green Woodpecker Tricia, that was because I had just commented on the GSW on your last post...sorry!!

Nature As Is said...

Wow a green Woodpecker I have never seen one colorful. The sun definatly came out for you today Tricia

Jan said...

Lovely photos Tricia, lucky you, I've never had a green woodie here, but I also had a first on Thursday, something came at the speed of light and scared everything else away, my aviary birds went potty, I thought for a second it was an escaped captive bird, but my eyesight isn't too good on distance. It moved across to another tree above my feeders, then I saw what it was, by the white rump - a juv Jay! Gorgeous. I have a couple of oak trees here and loads of acorns going to waste normally, and never seen a Jay here before. Hope he comes back. :)

oldcrow61 said...

Happy to see that you got pictures of the woodpecker. What a lovely bird.

Tricia said...

Firstly my apologies to all of you that I have not acknowledge your comments before this!

Richard - There were a small flock of about 5/6 flitting through the trees. I does look pale headed but the other didn't. So probably go for juvenile!

Keith - thanks. This time they weren't in the garden but Richmond Park. But I couldn't agree more about cheering up the garden :D

Hi Midlands Birder - thanks for visiting and for your comments. I think you may be right from the moustache colouring.

Hi John - thank you - it's good to see the Green Woodie so clearly I agree.

Hi Jan - I do love the little LTTs and it's great to finally have seen the green woodie!

Roy - yes I would agree. I almost thought I was dreaming!

Digi - You WILL get a LTT one day - and hopefully when the camera's in your hands rather than the boot!

Richard - thank you. You never know - you might come over one day :D

Wilma - thank you :)

Jan - Golly - hope it didn't keep you awake!!

Nature As Is - they are amazing birds!

Jan - thank you. I'm in a fairly wooded area which helps with many of the bird species I'm sure.

OC - thank you - I was a happy bunny to finally get him. Lol

Chris - thank you very much; the LTTs certainly don't make taking pictures of them easy.

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