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Saturday, 17 October 2009

Over the week.....

Last Saturday I popped over to the London Wetland Centre at Barnes. The sun came out briefly bringing with it a couple of lizards. But nothing remarkable in terms of birds...

Interestingly, this lizard had lost its tail - poor Stumpy :(

During the week I had a wander around Bushy and the Red Deer stags were roaring. However, this Fallow Deer Buck was having a rest and looked decidedly sleepy.

Today I went back to Barnes; it was good to catch up with some fellow birder/photographers that I hadn't seen for a while.

The weather forecast had promised full-on sun by the middle of the day; the weather forecast - was wrong!! Dull and cloudy except for about 3 minutes.

This brief spell of sun did coincide with a hovering Kestrel though; quick adjustment to the camera settings finally produced these shots.


Pete said...

very impressive. right place right time eh

Wilma said...

Love the kestrel, Tricia! And the fallow buck. And Stumpy. The kestrel in the second shot looks beuatifully delicate and beuatifully ferocious at the same time.


holdingmoments said...

Love that head shot of the Lizard Tricia. (I still aint seen one yet :( )

Those Kestrel shots are cracking, especially the second one.

Been dull and cold here today; maybe tomorrow will be better.

Chris said...

Hi Tricia, A very nice post with a lot of nice shots. I love the deer picture, and yes he was very sleepy! The kestrel shots are cool too it is just a pity you did not get a blue sky ;-)

mick said...

Great photos of the kestrel. The patterns on the under-wings and tail are beautiful. I'll swap you some sunshine for a bit of rain please - which is badly needed out here right now :-)

Warren Baker said...

handsome little falcon tricia. You caught it just right.

You probably know Lizards lose their tails when attacked by a predator, the tail keeps twitching, and distracts the predator.

Midmarsh John said...

Wow Tricia. Incredible Kestrel shots.

swatson said...

in awe of those kestral shots.just brilliant

neil said...

Nice photos, especially the lizard close up

Janine said...

Great kestrel shots! The lizard will regenerate the tail eventually. It looks like it regenerated in the past at one point, by the slightly different texture and color at the base of the tail.

Glo said...

Wonderfully detailed photos :)

oldcrow61 said...

Wonderful shots once again Tricia.

Anonymous said...

Those Kestrel shots are brilliant Tricia.

Tricia said...

Pete - thank you. We were willing it to come closer and it seems to have noticed!

Wilma - thank you. The Fallow Buck looks very peaceful :)

Keith - you will have to come down sometime; perhaps next season now when we're more likely to see the lizards.

Chris - thank you. A blue sky would have been lovely :)

Mick - I'd love some sunshine but mostly we're getting just grey skies and very little rain - at least in my part of the UK!

Warren - thank you. Thank you for the lizard info too - it looked as though it lost its tail a while ago.

John - thank you - it really did pose for us.

Sheila - thank you very much

Neil - the lizards will let you get quite close as long as you don't cast a shadow over them.

Janine - thanks. Ah I didn't know that so thanks for the information.

Glo - thank you

Roy - thank you too.

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