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Sunday, 22 November 2009

A bitty day....

The sun was shining and the sky blue at about 7.15 a.m. this morning. It stayed that way so I headed out. I reached the car park at my destination when the heavens opened! I came home and the sky blackened, the rain came down in torrents and the gale blew!!

By early afternoon, the sun had come out again so I grabbed the camera and headed off for Bushy Park - the wind was still a gale so I headed for the Woodland gardens for some shelter.

Unintentionally, the camera setting was on Black & White which I noticed after I'd taken this picture!! It's "different"!

Posing in it's true colours

The Red Deer are more relaxed now the rut is over although the males are still with the females. I suspect before long, the males will be on their own again.

The dying vegetation of Autumn provide good background colour for this male Mallard

And a young cygnet peeped above the stream-side grass

Needless to say, the gulls were posing as normal whilst trying to catch the bread thrown up by children.

(for Paul :) )

And an Egyptian Goose was having its feathers ruffled by the wind.

Not much after that as the sun was covered again by grey cloud so I headed off home. So a quiet afternoon..


Wilma said...

You did get some lovely photos as you ventured out between storms! Hope you stay warm and dry.

Roy said...

Thats a lovely B&W shot Tricia. Always worth taking such such shots as they provide a different perspective.

Bob Bushell said...

It was a day that those call a wet one. You were lucky to find enough sun to get photos. Yours are quite splendid.

Chris said...

Hi Tricia,
I guess we are all in these gloomy days, but you managed to get a nice set of pictures there. Congrats, I've been trying to do so too, but was unsuccessful!

Warren Baker said...

Didn't that rain come down Tricia! I like the black and white squirrel, I might try that out.

The Early Birder said...

Lovely set of images in-between the stormy weather Tricia. B&W is definitely underated..we should try more of these. FAB

oldcrow61 said...

You take such marvelous pictures. The autumn colours in the backgrounds of some of the photos are wonderful.

ShySongbird said...

Sun? Blue sky? What are they?!!

Great photos again Tricia, love the Cygnet.

Midmarsh John said...

Great shots of the gulls in flight and I love the male Mallard peering intently in to the water.

karen said...

Lovely pics Tricia, particularly the black and white squirrel!!! Lovely x

Phil Wallace said...

Tricia, your blog is lovely. Nice pics and very good technically too. Keep up the good work. I don't know how you find time to do it all!! Best wishes.

holdingmoments said...

Love that shot of the Cygnet peeping over the grass, and the Gulls Tricia.
I'll be glad when this weather improves; itching to get out again lol
Chiffchaff and Wren in previous post are lovely shots too.

Tricia said...

Roy - thank you. Even though it was unintentional, it came out OK I think.

Wilma - thanks.

Bob - Lovely to see you here gain. Yes - a wet one indeed! LOL and thank you :)

Frank - I might try more B&W when the opportunity arises.

Warren. Stair rods indeed! Hope to see some of your B&W soon :D

Chris - we've been having far too many gloomy days recently!!

OC - Thank you - you always make my day with your comments :D I do love the colours of Autumn.

Jan (SS) Sun and blue skies are a bit unusual so I'm not surprised you're asking what they are. lol

John - thank you; the mallard was very engrossed

Karen - thank you; the squirrel was a bit of a poser!

Phil - great to have you visit. And thank you for your very kind comments. Still wanting a 500mm lens though ;)

Keith - to see you here must been you're on the way to feeling better!

I'm sure you'll get out soon - fingers crossed! And thanks for the Chiffy and Wren comment too.

ST said...

love the b/w squirrel and the swan portrait

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Gull photo's Tricia.
Those flight shots are a real credit to you. Looks like the top one is entering final winter moult,
Adulthood for him/her next year.


Tricia said...

Hi ST - thank you and good to see you in blogland again.

Hi Paul - I'm trying to photograph gulls other than the Black-headed ones but they're eluding me! Still it's good to have your info. :D

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