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Saturday, 14 November 2009

Rain, rain go away... please!

The last few days have been awful in terms of weather so my camera and I haven't really been doing much!

Last Wednesday though, I spent the day with Mum and we had lunch at......well, our favourite beach cafe. The sky was stormy but just occasionally, the sun peeped through giving some strange lighting affects to the sky and beach.

Then the following day I managed to dodge the showers and had a stroll in Bushy Park. Nothing much to photograph in terms of birds, but this male Stag was now very much on his own after the rut. The bracken can hide a fully grown stag at this time of the year.

But a Grey Heron stands out quite proudly against the amber backdrop.

Around the base of a dead tree, was this Fungi. I've no idea what types they are but if anyone knows?........

And then yesterday, I walked through the Ancient Woods on Esher Common. It was very wet underfoot and very slippery. I saw a Green Woodpecker as it bounded away from me and three Robins were singing in different parts of the wood at the same time!

And then - camera tucked inside my waterproof I headed back to the car.

And today?
A gap in the clouds and the sun peeped through so I headed of to the London Wetland Centre. En route, on the A3, the heavens opened; a lorry had broken down and closed two of the three lanes causing a long tail back, so I escaped at the first roundabout and headed off my main shopping centre. Completely forgetting of course that, with the Saturday run up to Christmas, there were horrendous queues for all the car parks - so, I headed of elsewhere only to find....... I shan't bore you with the details but I was glad to get home and put the kettle on.

Tomorrow is another day......


karen said...

Another beautiful set of pictures Tricia, and lovely words too xxx

mick said...

All beautiful but of course the sea photos are my favorites! Out here the shopping centres are also getting crowded but also the holiday camping areas are filling up- and this area is a favorite destination!

oldcrow61 said...

I hope the weather clears up soon for you. Your pictures are marvelous. I really like the ones of the fungi.

Janine said...

Yikes, glad you got home safely. Traffic gets even worse this time of year here too; many of the "snowbirds" come down to their winter homes and clog up the roads. Add the Christmas shopping crowds and you've got a nightmare!
The Ancient Forest is well named, looks a nice peaceful place to get away from it all.

Wilma said...

The shots of the low clouds over the sea with the foreground in subdued sunlight are very dramatic and lovely, Tricia. The stag looks a bit lonely in the bracken by himself. Even the gray heron looks a little unsettled. That first fungus may be a lepiota, although it is hard to tell from here. ;-) The other fungi pictures are very nice, but the wooded landscapes are especially lovley. Sorry you had such troubles getting back home, but to your readers this post is worth it!


Anonymous said...

Weather aside, these are some really good photographs Tricia, especially the scenes.

Anonymous said...

Tricia, the photo's are superb. But for me you have excelled yourself with those 2 Seascapes, WOW, the foreground leads the eye so well, and the cloud formation is again WOW.


Tricia said...

Karen - thank you very much :)

Mick - Thank you. It's very strange to think of the hot weather for your Christmas!

OC - thank you. I was fascinated by the different types of fungi.

Janine. Thank you. I do love that part of the wood. It changes so much with and during each season. Always something to look at.

Wilma. Thank you so much for your kind words. I'm so glad you enjoyed the post; makes me feel really good :D

Roy - Thank you :)

Paul - what can I say? Blush, blush. Thank you so much.

holdingmoments said...

I'm no good with fungii names, but you certainly captured their beauty.

Tricia said...

Keith - thanks. They are certainly very colourful and I wish I knew more about them.

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