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Saturday, 12 December 2009

Flora and Fauna...

I needed some exercise and headed off for Bushy Park. I seem to be there a great deal at the moment, but with black clouds threatening I didn't want to waste petrol etc. by going further afield.

At home, I've a ground feeder close to the window. Many blue and great tits come to this which is great! Before coming down, they often land in the Acer to check the coast is clear. Taken through a rather dirty double-glazed window. Must get cleaning... :(

Out in Bushy, the usual quarrelling gulls
Whilst some just quietly preened..

Double reflection - upwards and down..

A glimmer of yellow from the Mahonia, in the shaded woods

and fungi..

Newly emerging Daffodil buds in the woods

In reflective mood..

Despite what it looks like, this tree isn't upside down - just reflected in the very still stream

The early flowering Camelias caught my eye - they seem to be very early this year!

And seeing this one of many bees, I had to remind myself it was mid-December!!

Just some exercise on a partly sunny afternoon.


Pete said...

was a lovely morning eh

Anonymous said...

Is it spring already did I miss Christmas Tricia? beautiful flowers and daffs coming up.

mick said...

That's a great way to get some exercise with beautiful things to see and photograph. All lovely photos of course but the one with the bird and the double reflection is particularly nice. I find it very hard to adjust camera settings for light glinting both ways.

Billy D said...

The reflections of that Grey Heron shot are brilliant, very creative! I need to get down to Bushy Park more often, but with a broken camera, I'm afraid I might miss a photo opportunity!

Bob Bushell said...

Hi Tricia, There are plenty of photos here, and they are lovely ones too.

Chris said...

Hi Tricia,
Well I guess I would also need to go out but the rain has been quite heavy and I did not remember how bad was the light in winter with all this nice light I got during the summer. So no chance to go out for a while I think!
Nice to be able to see great and blue tits so easily, the shot of the blue is beautiful! I love your reflection shots and would like to have so much light...

Johnny Nutcase said...

Great post, great photos! I love days like that, I had one earlier this week (right before the rain came) and managed to see some great birds and get some fun photos of 'em. hope you get more sun soon!

Tricia said...

Pete - it was indeed! Nice change for a Saturday ;)

Roy - no you did't miss Christmas; you've still time to hang up your stocking.. ;)

Mick - must be more difficult with reflections in your part of the world as the light is probably much brighter.

Bill D - good to see you and thanks for your comment. Sorry about your broken camera - not nice!!

Bob - thank you very much :)

Chris - I wish I could send you some light for Christmas; our heavy rain seems to have stopped for now - hope yours goes away soon.

Hi Jill (Johnny Nutcase) - thank you for visiting and your kind comment. The sun's trying not be shy as a type but it's struggling! Popped over to your site - some stunning pictures you have!! I like the grey Phalarope as your header picture.

oldcrow61 said...

What great pictures. Is this really what winter is like over there? You'll have to come here to experience what a real winter is, lol.

avalon said...

The reflective tree is wonderful, also nice to see some colour about too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tricia, what a great variety of photo's. Yes its nice to see the Bee's out gathering as much nutrition as they can for the winter. If they are in your garden, a small pot of water with a teaspoon of sugar will keep them going in this cold spell, they like all animals need to drink!
Just love those quarrelling Gulls,
most are adult winter B-H-Gulls, but can you spot the 3-1st winter ones?? go on have a go.
The one that really is again superb, your lone preener, what can i say! WOW, and thank you.


Midmarsh John said...

Lovely photo of the Blue Tit in the tree. I must check on my Mahonia but I don't think there is any colour showing as yet. Yesterday I had a large bumble bee trying to come in the front door. It took some persuading to go in a different direction.

holdingmoments said...

Excellent collection Tricia.
Seeing those daffs, camelia and mahonia really give a taster of what's to come.
Dirty windows or not, that Blue Tit is a lovely shot.

karen said...

Another beautiful set of pics Tricia xxx Unbelievable that the bees are still around this time of the year!!! x

JRandSue said...

What a fantastic showcase of colour.

Glo said...

What a gorgeous array of photos! That little fellow in the first photo just pops out ~ very sweet. It's amazing to see flowers and a bee to boot! I found a primrose blooming in my front garden yesterday. It was a white one so perhaps it thought it would blend in nicely with the snow that lasted for a day. Thanks for sharing some lovely shots.

Tricia said...

OC - Thank you :) I'd love to come over...even to experience a real winter LOL

Paul (Anon)- thanks as usual. I might try my ID skills in due course :D

John - thanks. I was surprised to see so much of it in flower. And it was great to see the bumbles...

Keith - thank you. It makes Spring seem that little bit nearer to see the flowers etc. And thanks for the Blue Tit comment (the cleaning is still on my "to do" list)!!

JOhn (JR & Sue) Thanks - the colour was really cheery!

Glo - thank you. Oooh a primrose - such lovely flowers with the promise of spring.

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