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Saturday, 24 July 2010

Hither and thither for wildlife

I had the usual trip over to the London Wetland Centre today. Although it was generally very light on birds, we did see a Redshank and 4 x Little Ringed Plovers (one seemed to be a juvenile) out on the scrape; they were kept company by 3 x Snipe and there were several Lapwings about - they've been rather thin in the ground recently. A few swallows zipped by and the Sandmartins are fewer in number but some still around.

Mostly the wildlife was of the flora, insect or flutter variety. The crickets/grasshoppers were noticeably audible and one variety was so well camouflaged it looked like a piece of dried twig (no picture as it was too well hidden!)

Best I could do of the far-away Snipe!

Yesterday in Bushy Park, there were again, few birds but...
This Mallard was resting..

and I was surprised at the number of young ones (and some VERY young ones) about

A Pochard being lazy enjoying the sun..

Underwater photography!

A Red-crested Pochard (female)

And a case of being in eclipse for this one

Seeing double where this Coot was concerned..

Just two very young Egyptian Geese

And this very young family of Mallards number 15 - but I couldn't get them all together in frame!

A bee (unknown type) on Ragwort

And my one and only Painted Lady so far this year - albeit a very battle-scarred one.

Masses of Banded Demoiselles around

and tomorrow.... hopefully something very local ;)


Anonymous said...

Lots of nice photos Tricia, I have only seen one very old Painted Lady this year as well so far. Perhaps we are not going to get the glut of them we did last year.

Gaina said...

I think the photograph of the Moorhen adult and chicks has to be my favourite :).

Wilma said...

Lovely post, Tricia. Great underwater photography!


holdingmoments said...

Lovely selection Tricia.
Not seen many Painted Lady about either.

Tricia said...

Roy - thank you; I think last year was exceptional...

Gaina - thank you; they were rather cute!

Wilma - and I didn't even get wet!

Keith - many thanks. So far it's my one and only sighting - hey ho!

Bill D said...

That Mallard mum's got her work cut out for her! I'm sorry to say that your Painted Lady is a Small Tortoishell (the pattern on the edge of the wing is wrong for PL). It seems to be an extremely bad year for PL, and I think there are very few people who can say they have seen any yet (I'm still waiting!).

oldcrow61 said...

You do take wonderful pictures. I like the one with the swans head underwater. Mind you, they're all marvelous.

karen said...

Some absolutely beautiful pics there Tricia, and on your other posts! Love the pics of the old house,and gardens xx Just stunning xxx

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