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Friday, 16 July 2010

In search of a Hobby

My contact and advisor at Painshill Park has been seeing a Hobby quite regularly and mostly in the afternoons. Also news that the Great Crested Grebes were nesting again. So despite strong winds and showers I finally made it over there by late morning.

As I started around the lake, a Greylag goose was yawning..

Whilst another peeped above the wall..

One of the many Canadian Geese (now growing up) dozed in the sun.

There are 2 pairs of Great Crested Grebes and one pair is definitely nesting around on one part of the lake.

However, my friend/adviser passed by on the other side of the lake and called out that the two Grebes (who'd had their brood of 2 predated) were around the East end of the lake again. I watched them for some time but the light and reflections were not conducive to good photography. They seemed happy in each other's company but no sign of nest building.

They were preening and diving and one of the pair had a wash and brush up..

Out on a dead branch a Grey Heron was also yawning..

One of the two "blonde" mandarin ducks has had another brood of 4 ducklings - two blondes and two brunettes! They were all dozing mainly as well.

although this youngster obviously had a point to make to its sibling!

and an afternoon dip was called for.

The other "blonde" was further around the lake but on her own.

A family of mute swans were up at the far west end. There were originally 15 cygnets (some of which were adopted from another pair); then they were reduced to 13 and now, I could only see 10 remaining. The adults were preening.

The day was full of showers and these were preceded by very dark skies. I looked up and saw a Black-headed Gull; a bird you don't see much of during the summer at this location.

And finally we had some sunshine and this female Beautiful Demoiselle took full advantage.

And that was that for the afternoon. The Hobby wasn't around today but nonetheless, a good mixed bag and I also saw a Fox running along the path by the Water Wheel. Needless to say the minute it saw me it headed off.

But a good day with some good walking and varied wildlife.


holdingmoments said...

Well, definitely got the 'awwww' factor with those ducklings Tricia.
I've noticed a few more Black-headed Gulls around recently. Their numbers slowly building up ready for winter.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tricia, the Hobby will come another day and it was a nice walk you had. I like the two ducklings in discussion.

The Early Birder said...

Love the mix of blondes and brunettes.

Ragged Robin said...

Lovely photos - especially like the great crested grebes. Hope you get to see the hobby soon.

Pete said...

love the chick quacking at its sibling!

Tricia said...

Keith - I was surprised to see such tiny ones still. I was hoping the BHGull was going to be a tern lol

Roy - I shall be back to find it.

Frank - they always seem to have four and again two of each...

RR - thanks. The Grebes for once were being reasonably cooperative but the water made photography difficult.

Pete - the other one seemed so submissive that I think it must have been getting a right telling off lol

Warren Baker said...

Keep trying tricia, the young Hobbies will be around soon and you'll have more chance then :-)

oldcrow61 said...

Beautiful pictures Tricia. The little ones are so cute.

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