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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Back to Barnes and more of the same!

Had another trip over to the London Wetland Centre today to meet a friend of mine who wanted to try out his new camera.

Out on the Wader Scrape were a goodly number of birds being the winter migrants - many Shovellers and Gadwall.

On one of the smaller areas were these two Tufty chicks - growing up now!

Some of the LWC staff were moving birds around from one area to another; but before they got to these swans, one was playing

A Great Crested Grebe (now in more winter-like plumage) was fishing for a snack

and learnt that if you open your beak you could lose the fish all together!

Today saw the Rain Garden open with the barriers removed. Initially there were "VIPs" surrounding the area, but when we went back later it was lovely to see all the wild flowers without the barriers of the other day.

There are two of these Insect Towers; very much the "des res" for the insect population.

I think the area is going to be very attractive if it continues in this vein!

A couple of familiar faces (for some of you!)

Berries everywhere now..

This lizard got chased off by a wasp!!

and finally - about the only butterfly I saw today -
A Small Copper


holdingmoments said...

I really must get my backside down there soon Tricia. Looks a great place. Love that insect tower hotel ;)

Ragged Robin said...

Lovely wildflower photos again, Tricia and the Insect Towers look great. Wish I lived closer and could visit.

Roy said...

Particularly love that Poppy shot Tricia.

Anonymous said...

Now the insect tower looks really interesting Tricia! Never seen one before, could be very interesting.

The Poppy photo, and the one below
great stuff.

But for me,it has to be the wasp and the lizard, good eye, and quick shutter finger, well caught Tricia.


Warren Baker said...

Love those wildflower photo's Tricia. I wish the countryside could look like that .

Tricia said...

Keith - I'm waiting to be your guide :D

Caroline - thank you. I hope the towers work although I was a little dismayed today to find that the fat balls were still contained in their plastic net bags!! Rather surprising considering the location!

Roy - thanks Roy; such cheery flowers at the best of times.

Paul - thank you as always. I was so lucky with that wasp; it arrived just at the right time and the lizard then dived for cover as the wasp targeted it!

Warren - you and me too - just imagine what a pleasure it would be to see flowers lining the verges of the roads in such a colourful way - and so cheap to achieve too!

Anonymous said...

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